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Sunday, August 14, 2022

5 More Cars Set On Fire In Mexicali; Now In Santa Barbara, Carbajal And Hacienda Del Bosque

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

The criminals managed to escape in a vehicle.

In Mexicali, Baja California, burnings and blockades continued early this Sunday morning, August 14, attacks on property and crimes against the civilian population continued.

Criminals randomly set fire to five vehicles in the Santa Barbara, Hacienda del Bosque and Carbajal neighborhoods.

The first report was documented around 3:00 a.m., outside a house located on 20 de Noviembre Avenue, almost at the intersection with Cabildo Street, where unknown subjects threw a Molotov cocktail bomb at a blue 2012 model Nissan Sentra. Neighbors observed the fire and alerted the family sleeping inside the house; they managed to mitigate the flames.

The second attack caused damage to three cars, a 1994 Toyota Corolla, a Town Country and a Chrysler, which were parked on Bosque Oyamel Street and Laguna Viezca Avenue in Hacienda del Bosque. It was around 3:30 a.m. when the authorities received the emergency calls. Although the evident intention was to burn the units, the damage was superficial.

The clock read 04:56 in the morning, when the third emergency call for the fires was issued, they were informed that outside a property marked with the number 2816, located on Soberania Avenue, almost on the corner with Nacionalismo, another car had been set on fire. Municipal police officers went to the area and confirmed the attack on a black Toyota pick-up, 1985 model with license plates BP-64-195 of Baja California.

Firefighters mitigated the flames and police interviewed the victims, who said that the criminals fled aboard a gray, 2-door Honda vehicle.

In these three events, no authorities were able to arrest the perpetrators, unlike the criminals who were captured by the municipal police when they set fire to a passenger truck on Friday afternoon, in front of the IMSS clinic 28, and those who set fire to a car on Saturday night in front of the Oxxo in Colonia Ahumadita.

Those arrested on August 12 turned out to be criminals identified in Tijuana, while the latter, apprehended on Saturday, said they were from Guadalajara, Jalisco.



  1. This are just copy cats

  2. Replies
    1. So Biden can finish what Trump started. Build wall and shut down border!

    2. Instill fear mijo

    3. 7:43 Was it to heat up the plaza because they know CDS are dominant there?

    4. 11:11 o wow! Finally!!! a plaza were cds is dominant!!!

    5. Que quemen a la verga todos sus pinchis yonques jumientos sin placas ni aseguranza ni titulo ni esticker o VIN number...
      Puta madre, ni llave train!

  3. Getting more media coverage in the states yesterday and today. I read this last night in LA Times. Well written and thorough summary. If paywall blocks you, clear cache & cookies / open new Incognito window.

  4. Thanks for these updates BB. I have a question for everybody here, but aimed more towards Admins: what media outlets do you guys read to stay informed about politics in Mexico?? national politics not local. I'm trying to get more into political commentary on the mexican side but it's tough to known which sources are credible.

    1. Thats a smart question

    2. MR SOL I'm sure you have some input that would help this individual inquiring about a more political based news outlet? Actually if you have any suggestions, I would also like to know.

  5. K se topen no k muy bravos

  6. Replies
    1. 7:17 pos si no los bajaron de sus Carros por el e-mail valiii !!!
      El topón cuenta

  7. Burning down businesses and cars is the solution for the cartels? They don't realize it's the citizens that are affected not the government.
    Go burn cop cars, city hall obradors Palace, dumb fools.

    1. @10:25 They probably want a crackdown

  8. I bet that there’s more in common between these fires than what the media either knows or is reporting. Hard to believe this was 100% random


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