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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The Rise And Fall Of The North East Cartel

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

July 2020. This video went viral. It was an incredible display of the chaos and violence that is common in the city of Nuevo Laredo. Ar around 3 a.m. an army unit belonging to the 16th motorized Calvary were patrolling in the southwest section of the city in the Fresno’s neighborhood when suddenly the came under attack…



  1. Replies
    1. Nope. "Kazquillo" just another regurgitator

    2. Kazquillo animates all of his videos himself, to call him a regurgitator is simply ignorant. It's immediately visible that he puts a lot of work into his content.

    3. @5:28 his animations? I'm not watching cartoonsūü§£ but I'll give him credit for that effort. I'm talking about the story he's narrating. It not original content.

    4. What's wrong with regurgitating? If they actually provided original content they would be called a snitch. You can never please unhappy people. Damn if you do and damn if you don't.

  2. Pura gente del Commandante Sargy

  3. Kazquillo always gets down with his videos

  4. Kazquillo another one of these weirdos that block you when you prove him wrong or point out when hes dead wrong like when he disque had proof el liebre was dead in AZ lol

  5. Eh. Most information is regurgitation when it comes to past events. The problem with building a recent events story is that Human nature leads most people to tell their story based on how they perceived it. As it relates to narco world, Criminals will always tell their story to make them look good, look like the victim, the h√©roe, or the villain. They will turn on the superficial charm and will tell a story full of lies and inconsistencies, making it sound very convincing. So a lot of time their account isn’t the most reliable. Preferably, Your best bet in obtaining the most accurate account is to find factual information, or the “fly on the wall”, someone who was there but has no reason to not be objective. Next is general consensus about how events unfolded. Which yes, eventually leads regurgitation as well lol Anyway respect to all that put effort into their projects. To us narco buffs it’s greatly appreciated.


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