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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

'Sobrino', Head Of Drug Trafficking Structure In Service For The ELN And Sinaloa Cartel, Is Captured

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The authorities indicate that he sent 3 tons of cocaine monthly to the United States and Europe

Juan Carlos López, alias Sobrino or El Grande, was captured by the police, he was accused of being the criminal boss of a drug trafficking network at the service of the ELN (National Liberation Army) and the Sinaloa Cartel of Mexico. 

The Colombian authorities reported what would be a severe blow to the finances of the ELN war after they dismantled a drug trafficking structure in Cali that they say was at the service of the subversive group and also of the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico.

“The National Police, with the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, managed to capture Juan Carlos López, known as El Sobrino or El Grande, responsible for drug trafficking for the ELN on the Camilo Torres front for the shipment of cocaine from La Guajira to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and then the United States,” reported General Jorge Luis Vargas, director of the National Police.

In the Ministry of Defense they indicated that monthly the structure sent 3 tons of cocaine to the United States and Europe.

“‘Sobrino’ had been captured for drug shipment between 2009 and 2011 with 6 people at that time. The result of this capture is a very important blow against the drug trafficking of the ELN”, added General Vargas.

Meanwhile, in the Security Secretariat of Cali they pointed out that together with the criminal boss, 'Flafla', 'René', 'Morgan' and 'Poli' were captured, who were in charge of the logistics operation of that drug trafficking organization.

“More than 50 million pesos in cash, 2 firearms, 67 rounds, 7 handgun receivers, 9 cell phones and 1 GPS device were seized from them. Those captured were left at the disposal of the competent authority”, they affirmed in that entity of Cali.

In the information provided by the authorities on RCN Radio, they indicated that the cocaine they were sending came from laboratories in Putumayo and was later stockpiled in La Guajira, which had become their favorite area to commit crimes.

The aforementioned drug trafficker had a structure at the service of the ELN and the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico.

'El Sobrino' took advantage of the fishing boats to hide the drug and then ship it to consumer countries through Go Fast boats, according to what the authorities told the magazine Semana.

"His link was alias Wisler, leader of the Camilo Torres Restrepo front, with influence in the departments of Cesar and Guajira, the latter converted into the base of operations for the shipment of narcotics, mainly from Bahía Honda and Bahía Hondita," authorities said to Semana.

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