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Friday, July 22, 2022

Pope Francis: The Cartel World Has Ammased So Much Power That It Leads To Destruction

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Pope Francisco

Pope Francis was questioned about the situation of priests in Mexico after the murders in Cerocahui, Chihuahua

Pope Francis affirmed that the world of drug cartels "has taken so much power that it is already leading to destruction" in the world.

This statement was made in an interview with journalists Valentina Alazraki and María Antonieta Collins, where Francis was questioned about the situation of priests in Mexico after what happened a few weeks ago in Cerocahui, state of Chihuahua, where two Jesuit ministers and a tourist guide were shot to death.

Have you had any contact with the Mexican Church, with the Mexican Government?” asked Valentina Alrazaki.

“I had a meeting where there were Mexican priests and there was one who is in the area. And the priest said ‘but this boy, I baptized him; I gave him his first communion. And now they are employees of the cartels,'” he pointed out.

"The world of drug cartels has taken such power that it already leads to destruction, destruction for drugs and destruction to achieve the diverse business," he said.

“And this happens not only in Mexico. Partly it is also seen in other parts of the world. In Brazil it also occurs. In Argentina part, not so much, as those places where the cartels are so well defined. This is what drug addiction and the drug business is! The drug business is not only to satisfy vice, but to provoke more vice. In other words, it is a destructive business”, he pointed out.

With regard to diplomatic relations between Mexico and the Vatican, which are celebrating 30 years, Pope Francis said he was happy.

“Regarding relations with the Holy See, I am happy, because it is always a step forward. I don't know if we are better than 30 years ago, obviously steps have been taken. Each step is a problem or each step is born from a problem. But if we are going to start lamenting what we lack... let's take the step that we have today, the small step. And in that, diplomacy is very important, ”he explained.

“And there I want to underline how great diplomatic achievements in the Church with the countries were achieved with small steps, small steps of respect, of going slowly, step by step. There, somehow, better situations can be achieved. In that aspect I say that I am happy with the relationships. They are always small steps,” he stressed.

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  1. El Chueco you a dead man walking .Brought yourself a lot of heat .

    1. Chueco ain't a dead man. In fact Sinaloa cartel probably gave him a promotion after all this.
      He's one fortunate fellow working for them.

    2. 12:03 a promotion for filling the mountains of soldiers and not being able to operate since then?, dont really think so... Cartel de Juarez will be happy to fill that space...

  2. They released mayito gordo today

    1. No shit Sherlock

    2. Wonder what valentina had to say about Marcial Maciel and los Legionarios de Cristo, their secretary marthita Sahagun de fox has used Catholicism for benefit of PAN and friends and her sonababiches "children"
      The alazraki brothers are paragons of telecorrupción periodistica, she lives on the Vatican, but will rest in hell.

  3. Men destroy and kill, women do the repairs.

  4. La iglesia no quiere competencia

    1. @9:20 que estupido e ignorante eres!

  5. Papacy never die ..when u mexicans take it more serious than Vatican😆😆😜🖤🇨🇦🇨🇦🖤not one comment pass administration..bias perhaps


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