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Sunday, July 10, 2022

Narco Banners Claim the Governor of Chihuahua Sold Out to The Juarez Cartel

"Olegario Fernández" for Borderland Beat

Translation & Images by "HEARST"

The Chihuahua Governor Campos Galvan has been accused of working to further the interest of La Línea in a series of narco banners which have gone under reported on by local media publications. The following is an overview of some of the allegations that were made against her by both La Linea and the Sinaloa Cartel.

Only 72 hours after taking office, the governor of Chihuahua, "Maru" Campos Galvan, received her first message from the Sinaloa Cartel, which alleged that members of her administration were active collaborators of the Juarez Cartel.

"This is a message to Javier Corral, 

Pay attention. In your prisons you have pure scumbags, not to mention [scumbags also] in the Prosecutor's Office and Secretary of Public Security. Like the commanders Serrano Salcido and Miranda.

And from the prisons, the commanders Soto Silva and Leonardo Olivas have killed people and helped La Empresa or La Linea. 

They do and undo from the inside. Just remember how they let Lalo operate from CERESO 3, in Juarez, ordering extortions and murders of our people. These commanders sent some banners to Relivasquez and Nava because they think that one of those two will take their posts. 

Watch out for Maru Campos. We know that these commanders are already negotiating with your people to stay, pull together or we will start killing police and officials. 

If this continues, know that we are coming for you. We have already killed two commanders, among them Ramon Flores. Olivas and Serrano are next. Our war is not with the government, but these scum are not the government. They work for a cartel and if they do nothing innocent people will die."

All this at the beginning of her term of office, the state governor was already facing accusations of corruption by several banners placed within the city of Juarez and other locations, a notable wave of violence, several massacres that made international headlines, among a host of other accusations that haunt her from her previous position in which she was the mayor of Chihuahua, which earned her the nickname "Maru Moches" in certain circles on social media.

Recently and unofficially, different groups have begun to discuss the possibility of demanding her resignation.

In April of this year, members of the State Prosecutor's Office (FGE) received a message via social media which reads as follows:

"Arturo Zuany Portillo

Tenorio Lastra

Raúl Álvarez

Pérez Rico

Arturo Cruz








Tiburón García

You are playing dumb, meanwhile the “righteous” have made deals with us and yet they are not fulfilling them. 

Just like when they were all together in Juarez, we gave them the money for the [political] campaigns and they won [the election]. But now, all of a sudden, they do not want to make deals or align themselves. Well we are going to make them align themselves. 

In Casas Grandes and Juárez, there has already been another example of betrayal. We will start knocking down ministerial officials - starting this week - until they get their act together or get out of here. We have a list of names and know the objective and we are going to accomplish it. 



The message comes from La Linea and threatens different members of the FGE, saying that, among other things, that they would not honor the commitments the two groups had previously agreed to.

A few days later the threats were carried out, and during the month of April there were numerous attacks against members of the corporation throughout the state.  

On June 23, three narco-banners addressed to the governor and authorities at both the state and municipal level were placed in different avenues of the city.

Photos of the banner with the partial message were leaked, and later the full message was leaked by police officers on social media. It read as follows:

Maru Campos, Member of the Juarez Cartel,

Stop protecting the filthy people of La Linea, The Mexicles, & La Empresa, which are referred to as the triple alliance, though it should be called the quadruple alliance because of the additional alliance with the governor of Chihuahua. 

Governor, you have Commandante Olivas and Soto Silva in charge of the state prisons. They are members of La Linea and you know it. 

Through them, the triple alliance is able to operate from inside the prisons, leading to multiple homicides, kidnappings, acts of extortion and human trafficking, which generates millions of dollars in drug sales and undocumented immigrant labor for the state government. 

The municipal and state police officers use city surveillance and their credentials in order to pass information to those of La Linea. And in the Anapra and Centro neighborhoods, they pass info so that all the thugs can continue operating freely. 


This banner may explain a recent wave of violence that has been raging in the city since Governor Campos took office. It also alleges that the Sinaloa Cartel is going through a battle over political influence within in the state because the political influence is currently in favor of La Linea.

All of these banner appeared just days after the massacre of the Jesuit priests in Urique, Chihuahua, and the massacre inside a Denny's restaurant, in the city of Juarez, in broad daylight, in one of the busiest areas. The banners were immediately removed by the police and most of the local media did not cover the banners.


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  6. EVERY governor is set up with a cartel or two. They get dirt on their name, get caught and released with a pat on the back and with bunch of millions from brive money and the money they steal from the state funds.
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