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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Man Caught By Police Transporting Rifles, Helmets, Vests In Huimanguillo, Tabasco

By "El Huaso" for Borderland Beat

This afternoon, one man was detained by state forces after a tip led to the discovery that he was smuggling AR-15 rifles, ammunition, combat equipment, and vehicles inside a trailer in Malpaso, in the municipality of Huimanguillo, Tabasco.

According to a press release by the Attorney Generals Office, the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM), and the Agency of Criminal Investigation (AIC) received an anonymous tip about the vehicle which led them to stop and search the vehicle. The authorities made the seizure at kilometer 113 of the Las Choapas-Raudales-Ocozocoautla highway. They seized:

- 17 long guns (AR-15s)

- 1,821 cartridges of various calibers

- 49 vests for bullet proof plates

- 29 magazine holders

- 40 helmets 

- 9 holsters for pistols

- 80 magazines

- 3 vehicles with Chiapas state plates

The driver, identified as David "S", was handed over to the attorney generals office to continue to the investigation. He faces charges of violating the Federal Firearms and Explosives Law.

Sources: Noventa Grados, Valor por Tamaulipas, FGR Release


  1. Replies
    1. 7:44 gracias por las mamadas,
      que son tu especialidad...

    2. Las mamadas Prestas.

    3. 10:28 nomás tengo una,
      pero te entretiene...

    4. Si, tu mamadora me entretiene "a lot".

    5. 8:26 me gustas mas sin tus dientes postizos...
      gracias por la entrega total

  2. *49 plate carriers not bullet proof vests

    1. Thanks for reading and thanks for your correction.

  3. Pura SIRiza here!!

    1. 8:36 No mames, se van a enojar el Chapo y el Mayo...

    2. Pura Zombisa!! Ajuaa!!!

    3. Zombie lives Matter!

    4. Thanks, Chihuahueñiza:
      El paraiso será de los chiquitines, pasen...

    5. Viva El Zombie!

    6. 6:46 no se la acaben chiquitines, dejenle algo al chimuelo de atrás...

  4. The Sicario school is graduating and they gonna be pissed with no weapons or equipment. They need to learn how to use a slingshot now haha

  5. Damned no wonder the killings will never stop. Guns all over the place.

  6. Brave Mexicans standing up to organized crime.
    What a lot of people are overlooking is that Mexico has greatly increased it's capacity to take on organized crime.
    Twenty years ago, the DEA provided the intel and sometimes even supervised the arrests.
    CISEN has developed into a very capable organization and more and more police are being vetted. It's hard to tell anymore whether the intel comes from the U.S. or Mexico.
    Mexico has a good future.

  7. 10:11 back in the days before the computer age, cuicos de rancho knew to arrive to crime scenes much faster than today, on foot, chingadamadre!!!
    CISEN used to be the DFS their association with CIA and the murder of Camarena were exposed.
    The CISEN name has changed again, since their involvement with genarco, PANISTAS, FOX and FECAL, LIKE THE PoLICIA JUDICIAL FEDERAL, AFI, SSPF SSPE, SSPM now SSC because their putrid performance keeps eating their makeup..
    Now most all they have is BILLIONS and BILLIONS worth of plumped lipstick colored lips dripping their shit downhill.
    After AMLO IS GONE, (12 years from now) we will be dealing with the buzzards again, gertz manero, Ricky monrial, las gilbertonas, c Xicotencatl and his USAID allies, carlos slim helu...are waiting impatiently


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