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Friday, July 1, 2022

Journalist Susana Carreño Attacked; Reported In Serious Condition: Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

By Lupillo Arce 

This Friday afternoon an aggression was registered against a reporter on Playa Grande Avenue in Colonia La Moderna.

It was reported that Susana Carreño, a journalist currently director of Radio Universidad's news program in Puerto Vallarta, was driving her red Jeep, which was stolen; a gray vehicle and a knife were found at the scene of the incident.

The Municipal Police arrived at the scene, where they found the journalist with several stab wounds, one of them in the neck, so they requested the presence of an ambulance.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and took her to receive medical attention at the CMQ Premier hospital where her condition is delicate. She was apparently accompanied by another journalist, apparently named Enrique.

The events occurred outside the offices of the Ejido Vallarta; the journalist had gone to do an interview with the new ejido president.

It is known that she left the premises and shortly after she was hit from behind by some guys on board a pickup truck. At the same time, apparently two men on a motorcycle approached them and threatened them with a firearm. After getting them out of their car, they threw them to the ground and one of them stabbed Carreño several times. Personnel from the ejido went out to try to intervene without success, they only saw the perpetrators flee.

The communicator was left seriously injured. Witnesses said that Carreño was obviously badly wounded. "There was a lot of blood".

Authorities cordoned off the area where the attack happened and it is expected that in the next few minutes more data will be given on the health condition of the reporter.

Between life and death

In communication with Tribuna de La Bahia, Dr. Jorge Villanueva, general director of the CMQ Premier hospital, informed that the health condition of the journalist is very delicate, and that at this moment she is in the operating room in the hands of her specialists. 

Susana Carreño arrived from Ciudad Juarez in the mid 90's; her work in the local media has been especially in radio. She collaborated in the extinct station La Explosiva and currently in Radio Universidad, she is also a correspondent of Channel 44 of the University of Guadalajara.





  1. According to Eloy Arellano, journalist Mrs.Susana Carreño is now in stable condition.

  2. Thank you Ivan For the follow up.

  3. Para que anda ahi de caliente señora.

  4. Con una pinche nalgada tuvo...
    Ándele gûey!!!

  5. Has Mexico doubled the journalists killed from last year?
    I know Mexico was number one for murdered journalists last year
    This year cartels started off killing them fast this year..


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