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Monday, July 4, 2022

Jerez, Zacatecas: A Woman Is Executed, Three Vehicles Torched

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In a new day of violence in this town during Sunday, July 3, a woman was executed with gunshots and three vehicles were burned, one of them owned by INEGI.

The homicide took place during the evening on the Escudo Nacional street of the San Francisco neighborhood, in Jerez.

A female, apparently a minor, was shot dead by armed subjects aboard a vehicle, which cost her life.

Elements of the police corporations moved to the place and confirmed the victim's death, they protected the area and undertook the search for those responsible, although they didn't locate them.

Personnel of the State Attorney General's Office appeared at the scene to carry out the corresponding proceedings, including the gathering and collection of evidence as well as the transfer of the woman's body to the Forensic Medical Service.

Previously, in the course of the afternoon, two vehicles were burned.

The first one, a Honda Civic car, on the road that leads to the Technological Institute, in the El Paraíso subdivision, and the second a white Nissan pick-up, owned by INEGI, on the federal highway, at the junction near the path that leads to Emita and exit to Tepetongo.

Elements of the Municipal Coordination of Civil Protection and Firefighters went to both sites and turned off the motor units, confirming that there were no injured people.

Following the execution, minutes after ten o'clock at night, a third vehicle was burned, a red truck, on Francisco Villa street in the downtown area. The firefighters went to the place to suffocate the flames.

Reportero Ángel Martínez   El Circo


  1. What did the youngster do to get killed? Easy for them to kill and get away with murder. But when the police or military kill a few bad guys, you go out crying they were unarmed.

  2. Women Lives Matter

  3. Any one seen video of black lady in Los Angeles destroying a Mexican taco shop.
    Raza Lives Matter

    1. Send the link, where, what site did you see the video, don't leaves us in the dark finish the whole story Mijo.

  4. Well I love your site. El blog del narco wack. It was fun sharing material with haerts. From the Manzana:we know the real criminals aré political figures from both sides Mexico and United it makes me wonder if Camarena notice the Drug Enforcement Agency was more for we keep the money and the rutas to control Drug Trafficking. Have you guys notice that 4 letras always has a video to respond and clean their name of accusations. That was the fall of the Zetas Sinaloa did them dirty killing people in their name.some one mention the CJNG was really a old cartel with a different Name in my town the zetas where never clean they just change from zetas to CJNG look at at Pelon N Die as 4 letras but he’s beginning was en la última Letra. Let’s think out of the circle blessings to y’all


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