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Saturday, July 9, 2022

"El Neri" of La Plaza/Caborca Cartel Murdered Outside of Court House in Hermosillo, Sonora

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

During the afternoon of Friday, July 8, the murder of a subject identified as José "N" was reported in the streets of Hermosillo, Sonora. It has been indicated that it is José Neri Ramírez Salaice, alias "El Neri" linked to the criminal organization known as La Plaza, a cell of the Caborca ​​Cartel that was the target of the attack and was killed. 

The 43-year-old man was killed after leaving the Initial Hearing before a Federal court in Hermosillo, as he was subject to a federal order process for the crime of operating with resources of illicit origin, according to the State Prosecutor's Office. 

The aggression was recorded in Comonfort between Serna Boulevard and Jesús María Ávila, Las Palmas neighborhood, where Red Cross rescuers and elements of the Prosecutor's Office arrived to start their investigations. 

Warning: Graphic photos below this point. 

According to the first reports, José would have been chased by armed men aboard other vehicles, which triggered a crash around 7:15 p.m. His companions, Karina, 25, and Roberto, 28, were injured in the attack as well, José lost his life.

The Attorney General of the State of Sonora (FGJE) confirmed the identity of the victim as Jose "N". "El Neri" has been identified by authorities as one of the main generators of violence in the area and was arrested on July 3 in Guaymas, Sonora after an operation by the Attorney General's Office (FGR) and the Secretary of the Navy (Semar).

According to sources consulted by Infobae México, he controlled the armed group previously led by Juan Carlos Real Nieblas, alias "El Mocho," executed last May in the municipality of Playas de Rosarito, Baja California.

"El Neri" was arrested on July 3, 2022 for weapons possession.

The arrest of José Neri Ramírez was carried out for possession of a weapon for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces. It was also reported that searches were carried out at different homes in the Punta Arenas neighborhood, which were linked to the criminal group to which "El Neri" belonged.

The Ministry of Public Security (SSP) reported the operation undertaken by Semar through its social networks. He had also assured that the arrest was linked to attacks in bars in San Carlos. However, the delegate of the FGR of Sonora gave more information, since "El Neri" was arrested with a package of money as well as several cell phones when he was walking home in a neighborhood.

This was clarified during the press conference of the Sonora Prosecutor's Office on July 7, where it was announced that a detainee in Guaymas had been prosecuted and would have his hearing on Friday the 8th, referring to Neri.

The La Plaza group is related to the armed attack on the Municipal Palace that occurred on the night of November 25, 2021, in which three people were murdered, including Marisol Cuadras, an 18-year-old activist, and member of the Feministas del Mar collective.

That attack also left dead an escort of Andrés Humberto Cano Ahuir, Secretary of Public Security of the municipality, and a hitman who was part of the criminal group, according to naval intelligence sources.

Images by HEARST


  1. Animo Sicarios !

    Pura Gente Nueva Special Forces Tier 1 Operation . La plaza tiene dueño ! La Chapiza #701

    El Señor gave the greenlight to cleanse Sonora . A cell of highlytrained operators was dispatched from HQ in the Golden Triangle .They were trained by an ex S.A.S Colonel in urban warfare . They drive level 7 bullet proof CanAm X3 XRS special forces utility vehicles .Night Vision,Tactical Kneepads,and NSA encrypted communications gear. Silenced HK Mp5,Lanza Papas and mini flame throwers.


    1. Thank you again for such detailed insider info. I always look forward to hearing from the great Sicario006. Many, many, many, many, many Animo Sicarios!!!

    2. basically Rambo on steroids?

    3. Tactical knee pads.?! Hahahah

  2. El pinche almirante ahuir sigue matando gente, después de renunciar en Caborca por andar matando gente inocente aparece matando gente en Hermosillo y con problems en Guaymas, su Guerra contra La Plaza Favorece a Quién?
    La plaza ya lo hacian accused de fabricar ataques contra el mismo para acusarlos y perseguirlos, hasta lo grabaron haciendola de pedo con sus complices.
    Mexican navy and Marinas were garcia Luna and FECAL FAVORITE TOY SOLDIERS AGAINST ABL, BLO, and Army of Cienpedos.

  3. A well coordinate hit , Just keeps exposing the level of military training force these groups carried up north of mexico

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      Worry about your country in Ukraine and get off of cds nuts

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