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Friday, July 1, 2022

Daughter Of Journalist Murdered In Tamaulipas Dies

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

The daughter of journalist Antonio de la Cruz was reported as serious, due to a .40 mm caliber bullet lodged in her skull.


Tampico / 01.07.2022 14:46:00

The daughter of journalist Antonio de la Cruz, murdered in Tamaulipas, died despite the fact that medical specialists did everything possible to save her.

Since she was wounded in the attack against her father, the 23 year old was reported as serious, due to a .40 mm caliber bullet lodged in her skull.

Relatives and colleagues of the deceased reporter announced the news from the hospital where the young woman was hospitalized.

The daughter of the journalist, who was buried today, becomes the second victim of the attack that took place on Wednesday morning outside the home of the deceased in the Puertas de Tamatán subdivision in Ciudad Victoria. The young woman and journalist Antonio de la Cruz were shot at as they were leaving their home in Ciudad Victoria.



  1. Se pazaron de lanza malandros o el gobierno quien sea responsable.

    Cowards. Organize crime or government who ever is responsible.

    1. No where in Mexico is safe.

    2. No es safe pero esta bien chilooo so you’re going anyway .

    3. 6:13 but Papa, I don't want to end up in a ice chest.

  2. Foto del mayito gordo

  3. It’s just .40 caliber not .40 mm.

    .40 caliber = .4 inch projectile

  4. 40mm is massive that would of blown he head off no disrespect


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