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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Cartel Independiente Colima Threatens Prison Guards

 "Ivan" and "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

Narco message reads as follows:

For all the fucking prison personnel, check this out. If you keep messing with 'W' I’ll start taking actions against everyone. And if something should happen to this individual I’ll hold you guys responsible for where you currently have him. You faggots need to place him with my peers. Remember that "W" is a part of my family. I’m that guy who’s nuts are dragging on the ground. We are the absolute Colima Independent Cartel. 

For all prison personnel:

Keep fucking up with my mob and we will eventually kill everyone. I already have every one of you guys located. 

El Wero Lizárra
El Nok and his brother
Cantante Fidel and his sister Viviana
Official Adan
Elias the photographer 
The Wera Mami
Miguel aka Pantera Rosa (Pink Panther)
Official Alvaro
Commander Kirox
Patricia aka La Wacha
Commander Kintero
Commander Amezcua
Commander Omar
Commander Rios
Commander La Cabra
Official Mario

I’m the guy who’s nuts are dragging on the ground. We are the absolute Colima Independent Cartel.

July 18, 2022 


  1. To the prison guards keep fucking with my people and we are going to kill you we have you all located. That what it says.

  2. Isn't that La Vacas cartel. I should just look it up. But I already wrote this much lol. Wishing everyone Peace, Love, and Harmony

  3. Is commander Amezcua part of old colima cartel

  4. La vaca pedorra crying cause he is getting smashed in prison and on the outside. I mean what he expect?? He is a local even with support frm other cartels he cant match the bankroll and manpower of the Jaliscos. He didnt see what happened to el cholo frm nueva plaza

  5. C.j.N.G is to Powerful. Look at all the cartels in Mexico & Governor Against los Jaliscos sheeshhh

    1. No Mijo the Yakuza is the most powerful.

    2. Not at Mexico mijo

    3. Yakuza ain't shit.

    4. 2:25 Yakuza rules!

    5. Murdered former prime minister Zhinzo Abe was a moonie?
      The Korean Sun Myung Moon got his way with Japan for a while...


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