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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Another 350 Soldiers Arrive In Nuevo León To Reinforce The Fight Against Crime

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This contingent joins the 180 soldiers who arrived in Monterrey on June 12 to counter the violence that has resurfaced in the entity.

Another 350 soldiers arrive in Nuevo León to reinforce the fight against crime

Military will reinforce security in Nuevo León

More than 350 soldiers arrived in Nuevo León this morning to join the fight against crime in the metropolitan area, reported a source close to the operation.

His arrival occurs after President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced military reinforcements for Nuevo León after the ambush and murder of six state police officers from the Civil Force, at the hands of criminals, which occurred on June 26 in Anáhuac, south of the city. capital.

The contingent that arrived on Tuesday joins the 180 soldiers who arrived in the city on June 12 to contain the wave of violence that has resurfaced in the state.

Within the framework of the national public security strategy and zero impunity policy, the contingent arrived in this capital at 12:30 pm by land through various points of convergence to the city area.

These members of the Joint Task Force will join the regional work to plan intelligence work, with the main purpose of conducting preventive patrols in the municipalities of the metropolitan area of ​​the state and peripheral municipalities.

They will also coordinate with the authorities for the arrest of members of organized crime operating in the town, the source said.

He stressed that among the main characteristics of these units are their capacity for mobility and deployment, with weapons, material, equipment and specialized training for the different tasks they will carry out in the field.

The elements of the Ministry of National Defense will coordinate with the Ministry of Public Security and Citizen Protection, the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, as well as state and municipal authorities, in preventive and operational work.

After their arrival, the soldiers were concentrated in the Esplanade of the Fourth Brigade of the Military Police, where the troops would be inspected before their deployment through the city.

As part of the strategic actions that the Sedena carries out in the locality, the Commander General of the Diplomated Division of the Presidential General Staff Norberto Cortés Rodríguez took office on July 1 as commander of the Fourth Military Region, replacing General Pablo Alberto Lechuga .

These elements will have interference in military tasks in the states of Nuevo León, Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosí.



  1. Send Devgru Team 6 and Delta Force to Chicago South Side

  2. Well Shiver my timbers,Lopez Obrador is finally acting, unfortunately the delay gave the criminals. a head start to leave town for awhile.

  3. Viva ALMO!!!✊🏼👊🏼💪🏽

    1. Viva Grampa! Viva Las mordidas!

  4. They gonna take out Cdn for CDs to move in?

    1. You know it..
      Grandma chapo sent AMLO a letter with a money bag 💰 to send the troops

    2. You're tripping. CDS is getting hit pretty bad right now. Atleast financially. Look at that bust they did on them. 500 kilos of fent!!! Along with the precursors!!! They been talking hits like that the last couple months

  5. They are not going to do nothing...just in Monterrey there is like 7 million people...what are 250 soldiers going to do. The whole rural part of the state is plagued by CDN and CdG...quieren taparle el ojo al macho.

    1. Nothing much same they do in the barracks, watch TV, polish the guns, go to bars to get drunk, smoke some mota.

  6. Abrazos no balazos AMLO


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