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Friday, July 8, 2022

9 bodies found in Caborca, Sonora

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

9 bodies found in Caborca, Sonora

Personnel from the Sonora District Attorney's Office found 9 bodies in different parts of the municipality of Caborca.

CABORCA, Sonora - Elements of the Sonora District Attorney's Office found 9 bodies after two days of work in search operations to locate missing persons in the municipality of Caborca.

The work carried out by personnel from the Ministerial Agency of Criminal Investigation (AMIC) and Expert Services of the Sonora Prosecutor's Office, were derived from anonymous calls and relatives of victims who requested support to recover the bodies. Subsequently, on Thursday, July 7, the "Colectivo Rastreadoras de Caborca" requested assistance to locate some lifeless bodies that they were notified were in a field located at kilometer 132 of the Caborca - Sonoyta highway.

These efforts, coordinated by the Sonora Prosecutor's Office, involved the participation of members of Servicios Periciales for the recovery of the bodies or skeletal remains, members of the Agencia Ministerial de Investigación Criminal (AMIC), as well as personnel from the Guardia Nacional (GN) and the Policía Estatal de Seguridad Pública (PESP) to provide perimeter protection and security during the search.

On July 6th, two lifeless bodies were found, the first in a state of decomposition, on the Caborca - highway kilometer 55, 250 meters north of the asphalt, a male, approximately between 30 and 40 years old, wearing black jeans, white socks and a blue long-sleeved shirt.

The second, in an advanced state of decomposition, corresponds to a male, approximately 35 years old, wearing blue denim shorts, black socks and blue short-sleeved shirt, relatives identified the victim by his clothing, however, his remains will be submitted to DNA comparison at the CIF Laboratory, in order to certify his identity.

During the search and accompaniment of the Colectivo Rastreadoras de Caborca, seven male bodies were located, all at kilometer 132 in the vicinity of Rancho La Basura.

The first was a lifeless body in a state of decomposition, wearing blue overalls, a white t-shirt, black pants and brown work shoes. Then they located five more bodies, whose clothing and particulars can be reviewed in the forensic identification files that are shared in the "IdSonora" application.

Of those five bodies found, one has a tattoo on the left forearm with the image of St. Jude and tattoos on the back of both hands, on the right hand the number 2001 and on the left hand 2000, and another body has a tattoo on the left arm with the legend "Zuñiga".

Finally, near the sand sieve, also at kilometer 132, a lifeless person of approximately 32 years of age was found, he was wearing blue jeans and black socks, in addition there was a blue T-shirt next to the body; a member of the Collective indicated that the clothes matched those worn by her husband on June 30 of this year, the date on which he was deprived of his freedom.

The bodies found are now being studied by personnel from the Forensic Scientific Intelligence Laboratory (CIF) where they will be subjected to genetic comparative studies in order to be able to identify them.


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  1. El secretario de inseguridad publica "almirante" Ahuir de Caborca renuncio desde diciembre, pero dejó a todos sus perros trabajando.


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