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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

4 Properties Owned by LFM La Fresa & El Pez Seized in State of Mexico

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Seven simultaneous raids occurred on potentially narco-owned properties located within the state of Mexico. The raids occurred at locations within the municipalities of Amatepec, Tlatlaya and Villa Guerrero. 

Although there were seven raids, the state Attorney General’s press release detailed that only four properties, two in Amatepec and two in Tlatlaya, were seized. Jornada newspaper writes that the properties are owned by Johnny Hurtado Olascoaga, alias “El Pez” and José Alfredo Hurtado Olascoaga, alias “La Fresa”. 

Pez and Fresa are considered to be the leaders of the major La Familia Michoacana cartel group, although there are some LFM that seem to operate independent of them.

The Details

In Amatepec municipality:

A property in Puerto del Pollo

Size: 2 hectares (or 4.94 acres)

On this property sits a 14 room mansion where some of the rooms had gold plate and silver plate finishes and trims. The landscaping includes two man-made lakes and a mini zoo containing exotic animals such as peacocks. 

Three men were found on this property and arrested by authorities. They are described as Jesús "N", Ángel Jonathan "N" and Eduardo "N", with no further details given about them in the press release. 

A property in Palmar Chico

Size:  3.5 hectares (or 8.65 acres)

On this property sits a ranch for raising cattle, along with cattle and various farm animals. It also contained an arena for Jaripeo, a type of bull riding.

In Tlatlaya:

A property in San Pedro Limón

Size: 2 hectares (or 4.94 acres)

On this property sits a residence with an unspecified number of rooms. The landscaping includes a number of gardens and palapas, which are thatched-roof gazebo-like structures and at least one pool. 

A second property in San Pedro Limón 

Size: 3 hectares (or 7.41 acres) 

On this property sits a horse stable, with horses inside, a swimming pool and sports fields. 


Some of the animals seized are 




“Farm birds” (chickens or geese?) 



Some of the vehicles seized are 

1 GMC Yukon SUV

1 Dodge Ram Laramie pickup truck 

1 cargo transport truck

2 Polaris RZR ATVs

4 other ATVs

1 scooter


  1. I won't be surprised if these brothers are captured or killed soon or are currently in the process of paying tribute

    1. Captured in a couple of years, once you start messing with govt officials, it’s only a matter time someone in higher postition in DF get tired of these guys or they not getting piece of the pie.

    2. This reminds me of Marro before getting caught

    3. Yupp, and you gotta remember that these guys rely on extortion to afford their sicariors or independent traffickers to franchise into their cartel while CJNG are forming partnerships at the border with stronger organizations. 2 things are gonna happen either they get arrested or a internal dispute will happen between them and their partners cause they will see there is no benefit being part LFM but just wasting their resources. Every cartel go through this phase

    4. 1:13 these guys are not dumb. They will find a guy to brave and get off the sanction list

  2. Strawberry and Fish had Lalo Matecas el 100 killed.

    1. Are they or were they not related? What part of Michoacán are these guys from?

    2. If im not mistaking these guys are from guerrero

    3. They are from the state of Michoacán. Hence the cartel name La Familia Michoacana. However their cell specifically operate in Guerrero. Think of LFM like a family, they’re is many cousins and each cousins operate under the same name but have their own sicarios and functions.

  3. Ok. Good job. Now there's at least a dozen more properties. From hotels to houses and mansion

  4. Is fresa a nickname for gays?

    1. Actually i would like to know. Can someone tell me what the term fresa is used for....
      In my country anyone refered to as fresa, is usually used to call someone "gay". I think in most hispanics country is used in a negative manner.

    2. Fresa means “pampered” or “preppy type” but I think this individual was trying to get a sex change or something like that so it could mean gay for him/her?

    3. Fresa is the oposite of naco i dont know if theres even a word for it in english, usually a fresa is how an upper class mexican acts and a naco is a how a lower class mexican acts, thats the perception, but its like saying all sinaloas are snitches which most of them are but not like .01% 🤣

    4. No… In Mexico the term Fresa means a man that takes care of himself a lot. Like a “pretty boy”. Not necessarily gay.

  5. HEARST hope you're doing great. As usual thank you for the amazing articles. Stay safe!!!


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