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Sunday, July 24, 2022

23 Captured Narco Tanks Destroyed By Mexican Government In Tamaulipas

By "El Huaso" for Borderland Beat

On July 24, the Attorney Generals Office (FGR by its Spanish abbreviation) announced that it had destroyed 23 captured narco tanks seized in operations against organized crime groups in the state. The 23 vehicles were captured between March and June of this year.

The attorney generals office released a video and photos on their twitter account of the destruction, which happened in the FGR compound in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

The government did not mention which criminal group the vehicles were captured from, and blurred out logos on the side. However, the blurred logo on the drivers side door of one of the vehicles bears a resemblance to logos found on other captured vehicles belonging to the Cartel del Noroeste (CDN). This makes sense, as the CDN involved in conflict with the Cartel del Golfo in the Reynosa area, as reported by Borderland Beat.

Image of vehicle destroyed on July 24.

Image from separate event where CDN vehicles were captured.

Narco tanks, also known as "narco blindajes" or "monstruos" are homemade armored vehicles intended to act as moveable cover when engaging in combat. They are constructed in clandestine workshops, where large trucks are stripped and fitted with metal plates to offer protection in gun fights. The most common automobiles forming the base for these narco tanks are large 4x4 trucks.

According to the Mexican military, narco tanks are "not very maneuverable in urban areas or on soft or sandy ground", due to the large metal panels that are often welded on the vehicles frame for protection. This added weight makes them incredibly heavy, but does provide some protection from small arms fire.

Aside from their advantages in a gunfight, narco tanks are important tools for intimidation. They are frequently shown off in photos and videos by cartel members. 

According to recent SEDENA data reported by Milenio, 630 narco tanks have been captured by SEDENA since 2018.

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  1. It's too bad that they didn't destroy the real tanks with 000666 on the side. They're just putting on a show to act incorruptible.

  2. Que pendejos.....
    Instead of starting a pick a part for the county. Pobre mekeeko.

    1. 7:46 You don't understand how thing are run over there.

  3. Where and from what cartels were they taken from?

    1. Tamaulipas and the groups that are present there

  4. If they were smart they would sell em back to the cartels for a MIL each and use it for something productive or use em to fight the cartels ..... Duh

  5. Send them to Ukraine.

  6. put a gps homing device on them and sell them back to the narcos and in months time send a drone missile at it. Open a narco museum in Mexico city and put some on display

  7. $1 000.00 dollars Drone missile cost at least $100 000.00 dollars to the US taxpayers credit card...
    one narco life worth about 100 peisos.

  8. No importa los metros jotos le dan el culo a las jaliscas y su papa mencho les manda monstros en corto en camiones pesados.

    1. Los de Matamoros son la mera verga


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