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Friday, July 22, 2022

13 Clandestine Graves Have Been Located So Far In 2022

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

From January to July of this year, the State Attorney General's Office has located 13 clandestine graves in the municipalities of Juárez, Chihuahua, Urique and Praxedis

The statistics show that in the same period, ten bodies have been found in the clandestine graves, without counting the unidentified remains.

In February, two clandestine graves were located, one in Praxedis and the other in Juárez, with two and one body located, respectively.

For April, the location of a grave was reported, and human remains of a complete skeleton in Ciudad Juarez.

In May, also in Ciudad Juárez, a clandestine grave and a body were found. By June there were two graves in Ciudad Juárez and three in the capital of Chihuahua. The corpses in the capital were two, while in Juárez there were two others. And a complete skeleton in Chihuahua capital

For July, three graves have been reported so far in Urique and one in Ciudad Juárez, in this month a corpse was located in each of the aforementioned municipalities, and two complete bones in the municipality of Urique.

The State Attorney General's Office conducted a search of a farm located on Venceremos Avenue where a clandestine grave was found

Among the latest cases is the one that occurred on the afternoon of June 24 in the capital of Chihuahua, when a strong operation was generated by elements of the State Attorney General's Office, who searched a farm located on Venceremos Avenue, north of the city where a clandestine grave was located

The clandestine grave was located in the El Porvenir neighborhood, and in this place the elements of the FGE proceeded to arrest three people who were inside the perimeter, where vehicles that were inside the farm were also secured.

Another of the findings was on July 9, when the State Attorney General's Office reported the location of two bodies and a skeleton buried in clandestine graves in the municipality of Urique, where interventions intensified after the murder of the two Jesuit priests, and a tourist guide, in the community of Cerocahui.

On July 8, the discovery of four bodies in graves a day earlier, on July 7, in Cerro Colorado, ejido of Cerocahui, was revealed; however, they were only two bodies.

One of these was identified as one of the brothers who were abducted by the alleged murderer of the Jesuits, José Noriel "El Chueco".

The body was identified on July 8, corresponding to Paul Oswaldo B.R., who along with his brother Jesús Armando was kidnapped on June 6, in Cerocahui, where searches are carried out jointly by the Ministry of the National Defense, National Guard and State Attorney General's Office.

On June 2, it was reported that as a result of the investigations carried out by the North Zone District Prosecutor's Office, the identity was confirmed of the corpse that had been located on May 19, in a building in the Sol de Poniente neighborhood, in Juarez City.

After the autopsy the results established the genetic profiles that were taken from the parents and the victim, determining with this that the body found corresponds to the identity of Kevin Adrián LC, 14 years old, who had a report for absence and/or disappearance since last January 18, 2022.

It was on May 19 when elements of the Specialized Unit for the Investigation of Disappeared or Not Located Persons (men) intervened through a search warrant, an address on Ensenada and Article 23 streets, in the aforementioned neighborhood.

Given the search actions carried out at the scene, a clandestinely buried body was found in a grave about one and a half meters deep, which was hidden under a concrete slab. It was reported that according to the result of the necropsy of law, the official cause of death was suffocation due to strangulation.

El Heraldo de Chihuahua

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  1. Lie detectors will be needed to prune the repentant and the suspects, anybody not passing will have been a murderer or kidnapper or sompim', please shove the reconciliation commissions up the ass...


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