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Friday, June 17, 2022

Zacatecas: 21 Jalisco New Generation Cartel Hitmen Sentenced

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Zacatecas authorities obtained 26-year prison sentences for 21 hitmen from the Jalisco New Generation CJNG Cartel detained in the state with long weapons, drugs, tactical equipment and rounds. They will remain in different detention centers.

The Attorney General's Office (FGR) announced that a control judge from the Criminal Justice Center granted the sentence to the male subjects, whom agents from the Specialized Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime (FEMDO) detained in the Guadeloupe municipality.

Those sentenced were captured with two kilos, 775 grams of marijuana; 12 long guns; 13 short arms; nine tactical vests; 47 magazines and 293 rounds of different calibers, for which an investigation folder was integrated against them.

The control judge issued preventive detention against the subjects, who were admitted to three different prisons, as Tomás "M", Adrián "R", Carlos "S", Carlos "G", Rogelio "M", José "A ”, Oscar “M” and Julio “R”, are in the Federal Center for Social Readaptation #17 CPS-Michoacán.

On the other hand, José "A", Obed "E", Miguel "A", Víctor "V", David "J" and Jovanny "D" were admitted to the CPS Oaxaca, while Juan "M", Abelardo "L" , José “R”, José “G”, Marco “C”, Luis “M” and Gustavo “R”, are in the CPS Chiapas.

The 21 subjects were sentenced to 26 years and 11 months in prison for the crimes of “stockpiling firearms for the exclusive use of the Army, Navy and Air Force; possession of magazines and rounds also for exclusive use; as well as crimes against health in the form of drug dealing in its variant of simple possession of marijuana”.

Currently, the CJNG is undertaking offensives against its rivals in the states of Zacatecas, Michoacán and Colima, entities that have registered an increase in the levels of violence, since the constant struggles and the presence of hit men generate consequences for the security of civil society.

On June 10, two young women identified as Katya and Leticia were abducted, they had been kidnapped by members of the CJNG, which led to the arrest of 17 members of the criminal organization, who are accused for their alleged participation in the disappearance of the two women.

After the disappearance of the young women, their relatives began a blockade on the Colima-Guadalajara highway as a measure of pressure for the authorities to find the whereabouts of the victims, they were finally located on June 12.

According to what was reported by Indira Vizcaíno, governor of the entity, local and federal security corporations collaborated to locate the two women. 17 people were arrested with 40 firearms of various calibers, 25 tactical vests and explosive devices.

Katya and Leticia were kidnapped last Friday, June 10, when they were working in a business located on Constitución Avenue in the north of the state capital, armed individuals aboard a white car abducted them. 

For her part, Indira Vizcaíno, who at the time of the events was in the country's capital, reported through social networks that she was informed of the incident, for which she had given orders to undertake a strong mobilization of local and federal forces, which later led to their location.

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