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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Villa Coronado, Chihuahua: Municipal Policemen Quit Their Jobs In Fear

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Following the armed confrontation that took place on the highway that connects the towns of Villa Coronado and Valle de Allende. Well, all the municipal police officers of Villa Coronado submitted their resignations. The six officers and the director of the police corporation abandoned their posts. Surveillance for the community near Parral was left to the Mexican army and the State Attorney General's Office.

Meanwhile, it surfaced that those who died in the armed attack over the weekend have already been identified as Carlos Antonio Hernández Aguilar, 42 years old, Luis Enrique Cebreros Herrera, 29, Ángel Román Márquez Yáñez aka El Indio, 21, and Miguel Ángel Morales Martínez, 44. .

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  2. Prolly still going to be targets tho

  3. With those wages and high risk who wants to be a cop doen there

  4. Them boys saw what Linea is capable of and was like fuck that LOL. Ya valio shorizo


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