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Friday, June 3, 2022

US Names A Current Jalisco Police Commissioner As A CJNG Mole In New Sanctions List

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

The US has named six new Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) collaborators as part of Kingpin sanctions, one of which is a current police commissioner working in the state of Jalisco named Severo Flores Mendoza. 

The Newest US Sanctions Against CJNG Affiliates

On June 02, 2022, the US Treasury department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced new sanctions against individuals for their alleged support of the CJNG. Along with the official press release about the sanctions, a new chart was released which depicts the individuals in question. 

To view the highest quality version of the chart, click this link of a PDF hosted on the Treasury department website.

Some of the people depicted in the OFAC chart have been featured in previous charts, such as Mencho, La Gallina and La Firma, however there are six new faces in the chart that are of particular interest. They are the following:

In regards to Flores Mendoza, the press releases reads as follows:

"Severo Flores Mendoza is a corrupt municipal police official and national of Mexico who provides law enforcement information to CJNG in exchange for bribes.  
Currently, Flores Mendoza is the police chief of Ameca, Jalisco, Mexico. He is also the coordinator of police chiefs for the Valles region of Jalisco, which is composed of 14 municipalities including Ameca. This region lies in the area between Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta.  
Flores Mendoza has held other law enforcement positions in Jalisco over the past decade. In 2014, Flores Mendoza failed a trust exam issued to police officials yet has continued his career in law enforcement."

It is of note that Severo Flores Mendoza is the current police commissioner of Ameca, which is a municipality of nearly 57,340 inhabitants as of 2010 data.

 In regards to Montero Pinzon, the press releases reads as follows:       

“Julio Cesar Montero Pinzon is part of a violent CJNG enforcement group based in Puerto Vallarta that orchestrates assassinations of rivals and politicians using high-powered weaponry.   

Mexican national Montero Pinzon is a close associate of Carlos Andres Rivera Varela (a.k.a. 'La Firma') and Francisco Javier Gudino Haro (a.k.a. 'La Gallina'), who were previously designated. Puerto Vallarta is a CJNG strategic stronghold, not only for drug trafficking but also money laundering and extortion.” 


The press release then goes on to detail information about La Chopa, and lists out all the family members of Chopa that are being designated for their support of Mencho: 

"Saul Alejandro Rincon Godoy (a.k.a. 'Chopa') was a senior member of CJNG who recently died in Puerto Vallarta following a confrontation with Mexican authorities.

Prior to his death, Rincon Godoy acted as the intermediary between CJNG leader Ruben Oseguera Cervantes (a.k.a. 'Mencho') and senior cartel members, and was linked to assassinations conducted by CJNG in Puerto Vallarta.

He also led a network supporting Osegura Cervantes, which included his family members who are being designated today:  Esther Godoy Arellano (mother), Angelberto Rincon Godoy (brother), Julio Efrain Rincon Godoy (brother), and Moises Gonzalez Anguiano (brother-in-law), who was recently arrested by Mexican authorities."


  1. Great the dirty cops are being exposed, yeah! That they work together with CJNG. AMLO can't hide this under the rug, it has been exposed. Those curupt cops need to be shot.

    1. act like if AMLO didnt free ovidio, act like AMLO didnt personally greet doña consuelo act like AMLO didnt minimize the narco checkpoints in badiragiato during his visit??? And somehow AMLO is protecting CJNG??? Cjng has been hit the hardest during AMLOs presidency.

    2. If anything AMLO favors CDS because they are protected US government informants. They are free to deal drugs in exchange for information.
      Just look at El vicentillo case where he said it himself.
      Bunch of sell out rats 🐀 🐀 🐀

    3. 12:57 you are correct, the biggest rats are born in sinaloa, ovidios nickname fits him perfectly 🐁 jajaja

  2. Mexico, bet he keeps his job and his pension after being transferred somewhere else By his corrupt bosses who let him keep working after failing the trust exam

    1. I am sure he’s been promoted and received honorary medals by now.

    2. I bet you've never even step foot in Mexico, but here you are talking outta your ass.

    3. 6:07 I have been to Mexico many a times, I mind my own business, that way I don't come home in a ice chest. You lost the bet keyboard warrior 😂.

  3. Almost seems like Puerto Vallarta has become CJNG headquarters. More and more top operators seem to be coming out of PV compared to GDL. Mencho stays not too far from PV also. Villa Purificacion is only about 3 hours away from PV .

    1. Lol Mencho been dead since February 2022.

    2. Mencho is alive. Can't believe the amount of nimrods that believe a stupid rumor started over the internet by a kid. Even the newspapers when "reporting" the death reported it as a RUMOR.

    3. At 12:37 the man is dead dude, nothing can be done to bring. Him back not even witch craft.

    4. 10:49 you slow as fuck if you think Menchos dead. Do your mother a favor and stay inside its not safe for you.

    5. Negative Mencho was Sick doing much better thanks for asking.Laisha and Hubby try to take over El Negocio los brazos quebraron sus contractos.Los contractos no se quebran sin la orden del Señor hay Gallo para rato las elecciones fueron hoy.

      ine could just steal maybe 2 in aguascalientes and durango, Cabeza de cagadas de vacas va al bote o se pela pa Andorra, while Cesar Duarte gets extradited to Mexico after a short storied career as a "car dealer" in Florida

  4. Oh, you’re kicking my plane out of your airport, I’m putting you’re people on blast.


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