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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Toluca, Edomex: Eleven Individuals Killed In An Armed Clash

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 The Attorney General of the State of Mexico reported five seized vehicles, in addition to 20 long weapons

They report in confrontation a balance of 11 people deceased.

A new confrontation between alleged members of organized crime and security forces, local and federal, in the south of the State of Mexico, left a balance of 11 people dead and ten detained, in addition to three elements with injuries, reported the Prosecutor's Office General Justice of the State of Mexico (FGJEM).

The first unofficial police reports issued at the scene reported only five casualties and five arrests. Two hours later the official report was issued.

This morning, during an operational action by the Fiscalia Edomex against crime carried out in Texcaltitlán, a heavily armed group attacked elements of the institution, 3 of them were injured with non threatening wounds.

The confrontation took place in the municipality of Texcaltitlán, on the La Puerta-Sultepec highway in the "Palo Amarillo" neighborhood, according to the reports that emerged among residents requesting help to locate the area, due to the intensity they heard in the exchange of gunfire.

The confrontation with the participation of elements from the Secretary of the Navy and the National Guard, in addition to the state police, took place shortly after nine in the morning, about five kilometers from the "Truchas Don Pedro" restaurant, which is considered a landmark in the area.

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  1. This would be the the recently killed Lalo Mantecas sicarios and it's starting to be clearer who pulled his card: Chilangos

  2. Let us have a moment of silence for the sicario monkey who lost his life in the shootout, such a tragedy:


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