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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

San Luis Potosí: The Operativa Bélica Warns Los Alemanes And Gulf Cartel

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Gunmen from the Operativa Bélica are interrogating a member of the Los Alemanes cartel. Who identifies several elements from public security corporations that provide protection for Alfredo Alemán. 

They also send a message to the citizens of San Luis Potosí stating that they are purging the drug corridor.

The following broadcasts have been deemed safe for all to see. 

Video translation is as follows:

Interrogator: What’s your name?

Captive: My name is Rodrigo Alejandro Bárcenas Martinez sir. 

Interrogator: What’s your nickname?

Captive: I’m known as El Chino, El Alex, or El Tiburon.

Interrogator: Who’s your brother?

Captive: José Pedro Bárcenas Martínez aka Peter Carreteras sir. 

Interrogator: Which cartel do you belong to?

Captive: I belong to the Los Alemanes Cartel of Alfredo Alemán Narváez. 

Interrogator: What were your activities inside the cartel?

Captive: I participated in drug sales, distribution, fee collections, and kidnappings. 

Interrogator: Where would you sell drugs?

Captive: In the cities of San Luis and Soledad (Soledad de Graciano Sanchez, San Luis Potosí). Just as well I also sold drugs inside the La Pila prison. 

Interrogator: And how exactly would you bring drugs into the La Pila prison?

Captive: I used a Nissan truck equipped with white wooden panels sir. Manuel, an employee of my brother Peter Carreteras would transport everything inside the prison up to the inspection area. All prison personnel including the warden and deputy director awaited everything since everyone was on Jr. Aleman’s payroll sir. 

Interrogator: Which drugs were brought into the prison?

Captive: Cocaine, marijuana, crystal meth, and beer kegs that were left as payments on behalf of Mr. Aleman sir. 

Interrogator: When was the last time that the drugs and beer were brought to the prison?

Captive: It was on Friday within this month of June sir. Around 12 or 1 in the afternoon they were already waiting for them at the port of entry sir. 

Interrogator: Who would you guys hand over the beer and drugs to?

Captive: From the port of entry it was transported by the warden and deputy director to Manuel in the Nissan pickup equipped with white wooden panels up to the kitchen area sir. Geraldo, the prison manager would await them in order to distribute the drugs with El Pollo. And Pache, El Gato, Isra, Cristhian were the individuals in charge of selling the drugs inside the prison sir. 

Interrogator: Which prison staff supported you guys?

Captive: El Richard, El Cristhian, including the security detail for Lopez sir. Also the warden and deputy director who are in our pockets sir. 

Interrogator: Where exactly are the drugs and alcohol hidden?

Captive: The drugs and beer are hidden inside the tunnels of every dormitory in the kitchen area. Or within compartments inside the carpentry room. 

Interrogator: Who killed the three men who were released from prison?

Captive: It was Mr. Aleman and his two sons. This was due to the warden and deputy director having begun their release. They let him know what day they were being released. 

Interrogator: Who killed the Rey of Uruapan?

Captive: It was my brother Peter Carreteras sir. On the orders of Adrian Aleman aka El J.R. sir. I don’t know the motives behind it though. 

Interrogator: Which nightclubs are charged a protection fee?

Captive: The Singapore, Canigula, and all the bars on Federal Highway 57. Including the Chapultepec and Himalaya establishments. 

Interrogator: How much were they being charged per month?

Captive: Anywhere from 20 to 30 thousand pesos a month sir. 

Interrogator: Who’s in charge of collecting?

Captive: That’s El Santi, El Flaco, and La Mona gives all the fee collections to my brother Peter Carreteras. And he hands everything over to Adrián Alemán aka El J.R. sir.

Interrogator: What do you offer employers for your fee protection?

Captive. Nothing sir. If they don't cooperate we simply won't let them work their areas. 

Interrogator: Who all from the Civil Protection force allows you guys to do your bullshit?

Captive: Mauricio Ordaz sir.

Interrogator: Which policemen from Soledad (Soledad de Graciano Sanchez, San Luis Potosí) support you guys?

Captive: That would be El Magi, Compi, Caninin, Chicharito, his wife, El Chávez, and the Deputy Director of Soledad. He also happens to be on the payroll.

Interrogator: Who is in your pocket from the State Civil Guard?

Captive: That would be Commander Valdivia sir. He’s in charge of receiving payroll so that the State Civil Guard can collaborate with them, sir. Specifically with Alfredo Aleman sir.

Interrogator: Who is on your payroll from the Ministerial Police?

Captive: That would be Commander Arturo García sir. He is the director of the Ministerial Police.

Interrogator: And how do you know this?

Captive: Because a few days ago they sent me to leave 15 sandwiches and soft drinks at the entrance of the Jalisco port of entry, sir. That's why I knew.

Interrogator: For all the citizens of San Luis Potosí. We are the Operativa Bélica cell from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. And we want to let you know that we’re purging the plaza of all these scumbags from the Los Alemanes Cartel and Golfos (Cartel del Golfo). Everyone already knows that we don’t t charge fee collections, nor do we extort, much less do we kidnap. We're just drug traffickers. And little by little we’re going to get rid of all this gang of scumbags. We’re going after all those who support them. Sincerely…

Sicarios in unison scream: The O.B.!

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  1. Lol bs they kidnap and extort every business in small towns and cities

  2. Replies
    1. You should at least post why?Seems to me you’re the lame!

      I’m sure it’s because Sol dissed your snitch ass gente from Sinaloa. You’re mad because you can’t deal with the facts.

    2. Sol is a lame? CGNG shoot the captive and you shoot the messenger.

    3. Sol got a Masters degree at Fresno State. I'm not sure where he got his phD but best to keep that low profile. If it's public SIR will hit him up for more pesos to score Jale. We all thank Dr Sol for his time putting the site together.

    4. Sol is a bulldog. Fresno aint no joke plus hot as shit love them swamp coolers feels fresher than AC

    5. 12:07 thanks for keeping it low profile, your out there telling everyone, obrador nutthugger lawyer.

    6. I'll knock sol out. Easily.

    7. Sol is still waiting for you clowns 🤣

    8. 12:07 are you fighting for your beloved's money and property?
      Whatch out sol, este maricón "algo" quiere...

    9. Sols a *bullfrog*

  3. CJNG armed groups Operativa Belica ,Grupo Elite ,Grupo Delta
    The Lord Of the Roosters is protected by the most ruthless mercs

    1. And his buttocks are kissed by the most sycophantic fools. The Lord of the Roosters? Please...

    2. Lord of roosters lmao. That shit sounds dumb as fuck. Only a fucking hillbilly wld think thats a good nickname. How about lord of rapists innocent killer fags

    3. 2:34 is a CDS fangirl

    4. Le dije comandante aquí estamos y no nos vamos en el volantin 😂 se calentó la plaza y el material no se puede distribuir Plaza Live Matter

    5. I agree lord of the roosters sounds dumb as fuck, it's lord of the Fighting Cocks! Get it right comandante

  4. So, it turns out there's 2 videos, maybe more. Sometime today I'll add the rest of that translation to get a better understanding of what all he's saying.

    1. Ok, so we're now officially Gold Dust Green with that second translation. That's military parlance for Good To Go. If something else pops up it'll be added as well.

      What's good Commander!

    2. Same talking to himself

    3. Sol ur from fresno?? So am i!!!

    4. Fresno is a hot ass ombligo I moved here an the magnet that resides here is so powerful it keeps sucking me back to the 559 I

  5. down left on screen, sicario holds an old MG42 from a long time ago..(WW2)
    i'm pretty sure that "Wehrmacht" or
    "Waffen SS" had no deals with cartel dudes..
    so how comes the old rusty "hitler-saw" to mexico..??

    greetz from a kraut

    1. Mexicans get their guns from whites in the US, you know the same whites that talk shit about Mexicans but behind the scenes they do business. Its the devil’s work.
      Mexicans love guns just as much as gringos do.

    2. I saw it too, either a 42 or a 34, cool shit. Jalisco has always been very knowledgeable about weapons.

  6. Suck to be anyone being kneel down knowing your last breath is coming. What a wonder life mexican governments providing to its citizen.

    1. Hes not innocent he confessed about kidnapping now its his turn. Gone to the realm of the dead awaiting judgement like the rest even all of us breathing

  7. These are straight up terrorist orginizations running free in Mexico. And no one does a thing. Its accepted as normal... thats how far gone Mexico is.

    1. You can thank obrador and his Clown government for that.

    2. Why they a president down there, that does nothing to curb the violence.

    3. 6:26 bribes coming in from cartel members, is why he won't take action.
      It's curupted.


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