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Saturday, June 4, 2022

Los Ramones, Nuevo León: Two Men Burned Alive By Their Abductors

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

After allegedly being abducted, a man was immolated in a burned-out truck and abandoned at a roadblock in the municipality of Los Ramones. The discovery was recorded at 8:45 p.m. on Thursday at kilometer 60 of the Monterrey-Reynosa freeway near the El Carrizo junction. Municipal police officers were conducting a surveillance tour when they were alerted to the abduction of a man.

His relatives denounced that he had been kidnapped on the road that leads from Ramones near the intersection of Estación Vaqueros. Presumably in that place he was intercepted by 6 hooded individuals who forced him to get into a truck. The uniformed officers began the search for the gold colored Suburban vehicle with Texas plates.

Moments later they observed the vehicle with the characteristics provided in the complaint. But by then engulfed in flames. They approached the place and then requested support from firefighters and rescuers. When putting out the fire, the aid workers noticed the presence of a body. The deceased individual was identified as Juan Borrego Dávila, 52 years old, a resident of the Concepción community in Cadereyta. 

News also surfaced that Borrego Dávila was a soldier. But this has yet to be officially confirmed. On Tuesday night, another person was found immolated in a car that was consumed by a fire caused in a vacant lot in the Lomas de San Isidro neighborhood in Apodaca.

Telediario Monterrey


  1. 7:37 Very funny, stupid ass...

  2. Me sorprendes Comandante Rambo la Muerte es como la vida se respeta. Quemados lives matter too.Lord have mercy on Mexico

    1. Ese geuy siempre fue un delinquiente una lacra . El Fent mezclado con meth Covid19 y problemas de corazon fue la cause verdadera de su muerte . El grupo que menciona se robo 90$ millones en donaciones y se compraron mansiones lo mas lejos possibles de sus "hermanos y hermanas"

    2. Ese comandante juan rambo tiene la razon to some level, en lo unico que la cagaron los chotas fue en de plano si ponerle la rodilla en el cuello, other than that everything was cool, and the BLM needed that one thing to explode, its like amber heard vs my boy johnny, BLM been amber, she used the system to fuck johnny but at the end johnny won, hopefully BLM also gets exposed, cause theres a lot of black people and latinos getting fucked for no reason but the BLM only helping where they can get money off of, asi son muchos negros, estilo chilango "el que no transa no avansa"

    3. 7:16 pues de algun lado tienen que sacar la feria, and you just got f¥€d

  3. Replies
    1. I have read burning is the most painful way to pass while freezing is the least. The more you know...

  4. Sinalocos are a local gang from Escobedo N.L

    Although back in the day there was a rap group from Coahuila named like that too. Not sure if they are somehow connected.

    EL Carrizo is closer to China N.L this is CDG turf. Although it might be changing since CDN has been making it's way in from thr north through Los Herrera N.L.

    Nuevo Leon has been getting bad again. Not as it was back in 2010/2014. But somewhere close.


    1. Those dead guys wanted to rock and roll :


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