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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Former Aguililla Mayor & a Carteles Unidos Leader "Fruto" Extradited to US

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

The former Aguililla mayor turned self-defense group and cartel leader had been arrested in exile in Guatemala in 2021 on methamphetamine trafficking charges from a Miami, Florida indictment.

Adalberto Fructuoso Comparan-Rodriguez, “Fruto,” the former mayor of Aguililla, Mexico and, according to the allegations, a leader of the Carteles Unidos in Michoacán, Mexico, made his initial appearance in federal court in Miami, Florida today after his extradition from Guatemala. A South Florida grand jury returned an indictment charging Comparan-Rodriguez with drug trafficking crimes in April 2021.
Also prosecuted for their alleged roles in the methamphetamine scheme are Alfonso Rustrian, of Mexico; Adalberto Fructose Comparan-Bedolla, (the son of Comparan-Rodriguez); Carlos Basauri-Coto; Silviano Gonzalez-Aguilar; and Salvador Valdez.

According to the allegations, in January 2021, Comparan-Rodriguez and Rustrian met in Cali, Colombia with a person they believed to be a money launderer and drug trafficker associated with Hezbollah (“buyer”). Rustrian explained that Comparan-Rodriguez was a leader of the Carteles Unidos, and that they could supply hundreds of kilograms of methamphetamine to the buyer, it is alleged. They ultimately agreed that Comparan-Rodriguez and Rustrian would send 500 kilograms of methamphetamine from Mexico, through Texas, to the Miami area, according to the charges.

To make the methamphetamine undetectable, members of the organization hid it inside different materials. On March 20, 2021, according to the allegations, a truck carrying concrete tiles filled with methamphetamine arrived in Miami. It is alleged that Comparan-Bedolla helped crack the concrete tiles open and remove approximately 200 kilograms of methamphetamine from them. The rest of the meth (over 300 kilograms) arrived in Miami on March 26, 2021, say the court documents. This time, it was dissolved within five-gallon buckets of house paint.

According to the allegations, Comparan-Bedolla and two chemists (Gonzalez-Aguilar and Valdez) worked for days inside a warehouse, extracting pure crystal methamphetamine from the paint. Law enforcement agents seized the meth before it hit the streets and made arrests.

On March 30, 2021, Guatemalan authorities arrested Comparan-Rodriguez based upon a provisional arrest request by the United States. The government of Guatemala ordered him extradited based upon an extradition request by the United States. U.S. Attorney Gonzalez extends his gratitude to the government of Guatemala for its assistance, as well as the Justice Department’s Office of International Affairs (OIA) for its substantial assistance in securing Comparan-Rodriguez’s arrest and extradition.

Rustrian was also arrested in Guatemala in March 2021, at the request of the United States. Rustrian was extradited to the United States in January 2022.

El Fruto, was mayor of Aguililla, Michoacan, from 2008 to 2010, under the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD).


Adalberto Fructuoso Comparan-Rodriguez, “Fruto,” was the suspected leader of Carteles Unidos, a criminal group made up of different cartels under a loose alliance. They are rivals to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

Prior to El Fruto's involvement with Carteles Unidos, he was a high-ranking member of the Knights Templar Cartel. One of the cited sources says he was a close associate of Servando Gomez Martinez (alias 'La Tuta'), former Knights Templar Cartel boss.

He is suspected of coordinating methamphetamine and heroin shipments from Michoacan, Mexico, to the US cities like Houston, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. In 2009, he was among the mayors apprehended in the operation carried out by the Mexican Army and the former Federal Police, for alleged links with drug cartels in the entity.

In 2015, he survived an assassination attempt in Mexico, but one of his bodyguards Jose Luis Garcia Mendoza was killed. Two years prior, he had served as a police officer in the Fuerza Rural (Rural Force) unit in Aguililla. This rural police force was a state-sanctioned unit that was born from the autodefensa (self-defense) groups that were active in Michoacan. Many of these groups evolved into criminal organizations under the umbrella of Carteles Unidos.

Groups operating under the Carteles Unidos umbrella.

An internal dispute in October 2020 led to Los Revueltas expelling members of the faction in Aguililla led by Adalberto Fructuoso Comparán, El Fruto, he was arrested in Guatemala the following year in 2021. Aguililla has become one of the most violent areas in Mexico with CJNG taking over large portions with roadblocks surrounding the city.


  1. PRD? Wasn't that the pre MORENA party?

    1. AMLO was part of PRD party before Morena was founded.

    2. After EPN stole the election from PRD winning candidate AMLO, PRD SOLD OUT TO EPN and AMLO went on his own way and started MORENA.
      PRD candidate Cuauhtemoc Cardenas lost to salinas de gortari (PRI) after his PRD volunteers got murdered or disappeared, zedillo also won fraudulently, FOX won but was also a fraud, FECAL STOLE THE ELECTION FROM AMLO, EPN too, until the people made sure it would not happen again

  2. Angel del villar got picked up by the feds today any info

  3. “Pueblos Unidos” is the rebranding of CU that MORENA gobernador of Michoacán Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla advised that criminal group to change its name to in order to be able to meet with them as concerned civilians. It’s his political cover so he could give them a badge as security forces of the state and be able to back them in the actions they take as “concerned citizens “.

  4. Lol now your showing the real criminals lately involving a lot of politicians.when they change your Director it’s pretty much because another political wants to bring he’s groups to take care of la plaza and now your the pray we going to have to get used to their system it happens a lot on federal Elections


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