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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

El Salvador: Gang Bosses Now Operating From Mexico

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The Minister of Justice confirms that at least eight leaders fled the "war" declared by president Bukele

Thousands of members of that gang live in overcrowded prisons in that nation.

Leaders of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang fled to Mexico to get rid of the war that Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele declared on them, confirmed the government of El Salvador, which plans to expand the emergency regime to continue their fight against that gang. 

"Many of those chairs (command posts) that are pending (of captures) we know that they are in Mexico and that from there they are giving instructions in a cowardly way," said the Minister of Justice and Security, Gustavo Villatoro, in an interview on channel 21 from a local television.

The official didn’t explain when they fled the country or provide identities. The gang is led by 15 members, which is equivalent to the number of letters with which Mara Salvatrucha is written.

"Of those 15 chairs that governed the structure, the 31 programs (divisions) that the MS has on a national scale, seven of those chairmen are already behind bars," he emphasized.

The directory of 15 leaders is known as Ranfla Nacional. As Villatoro explained, it has 31 deputy chiefs throughout the country, which have 434 cliques (cells) under their command, each with a command called palabrero (spokesman}. 

The official presented yesterday a petition to Congress to extend for the third time the exceptional regime in force since March, which allows arrests without court orders.

“A gang member in a community is like a cancer cell and we have to apply chemotherapy. We are not going to rest until the last gang member in our territory has been captured”, he warned before Parliament.

For three months, 41,846 suspected gang members have been detained, according to the Salvadoran prosecutor's office.

The murder of 87 people between March 25 and 27, attributed to gangs, led Congress to declare an emergency regime at the request of Bukele, whose last extension ends on June 25.

Parliament, controlled by allies of the president, also raised penalties for gang-related crimes.

In El Salvador, the gangs MS-13 and Barrio 18 mainly operate. Prior the government attack, some 16,000 of their members were incarcerated.

With the arrests of the last three months, 57,846 members are imprisoned, that is, 83 percent of the 70,000 officially considered to exist in the country.



  1. Another Circus Clown comment from the Republic of Mexico government
    Minister of Justice and Security, Gustavo Villatoro
    15 El Salvador gangs Members are in Mexico. The clown part. No pictures or names were given of the gang members, nor the location of what part of Mexico they could be in.

    1. im gonna go out on a limb and say you will know them from the ms13 tattooed on their face

  2. 12:35 PM. Then you should conduct your own personal investigation and fund it yourself. You come across as the clown.

    1. Source came from Mexico News Daily.
      12:50 you must be the famous obrador lawyer , who does not want no one to say nothing bad about the government.
      Article came out today. Lol 15 Salvatrucha El Salvador gangs Members and the director of security, has no pictures and no names, that's why he is being called a clown.

    2. ūüėā Gustavo Villatoro is a clown.

  3. Philipines President Rodrigo Duterte and President Bukele cleansing society of criminals . Thats the type of Prrsident we need in USA.

    1. Please start with national terrorism which are all Trump supporters hahahahahahahah

    2. Duterte failed with his policy.

  4. Saludos pa la Eme Ese

  5. El Salvador bosses operating from Mexico.
    Russian spys in Mexico.
    Brazil hit squads in Mexico.
    Haitians in Mexico.
    Mexico will definitely be a out of control 4 world lawless country.

  6. They are no longer MS13 La Eme, the Mexican Mafia put a green light on MS and now that they are no longer under Eme they can't use the number 13. This is very recent and started with killings in the federal prison system couple months ago

  7. Good on the green light nobody likes those guys either on the streets or prison or Mexico especially in the US their like Roaches and ticks they appear everywhere Good for nothing .

  8. Sol. Its no chairs its called a Mesa System aka A Mesero . A Mesa is a group of ppl who rule together. Basically a commission, A Governing body, a chairman. One who holds a seat at a table literally meaning "Mesa"
    Aka Mesero if that Makes sense
    Although Ms13 from Salvador is different than the MS13 here in Cali
    They operate fairly similar as it was started by Original members of MS13 that immigrated to US specifically LA area and began the MS13 Cali/Sure√Īo chapter.
    Whats weird is if an MS13 member from Cali that runs Sur goes to Salvador they will most certainly get killed even on the streets or will be subject to attack and extortion because for some reason they hate US MS13 members.BUT if MS13 from Salvador come to Cali prison or streets they are left alone so long as they acknowledge the 13 (Sur) and abide by its rules and run the Sur Program. If they choose to dispbey these reglas here then they will be removed off the yard at each facility they land and on the streets will be subject to attack but only if they are out committing crimes , committing crimes frowned upon by the SUR or attempting to open up shop with the Salvador MS13 rules. Hopethat helps
    -current GP prisoner


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