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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Alleged Journalist Killers Captured In Veracruz, Others Still At Large

By "narcomappingmx" for Borderland Beat

One month after the murders of Veracruz journalists Yessenia Mollinedo Falconi and Sheila Johana García Olivera, two of the alleged killers have been captured and will face charges of homicide.

The first, Armando “N” aka “El Traxcavo" or "El Popeye”, was captured on June 6 in Minatitlan, Veracruz by elements of the Secretary of Public Security (SSP) with help from the National Anti Kidnapping Commission (CONASE), National Center of Intelligence, and the navy (SEMAR).

The other suspect, identified as Víctor Manuel “N”, aka “El Calaco” was captured just today, according to a press release on the Twitter account by the Veracruz prosecutors office. He faces charges of murder and a year of preventative prison. The release did not mention where he was captured, but did say that he will face a judge in Minatitlan, Veracruz.
The state prosecutors office reported that they are two of the five suspects involved in the deadly ambush. There has been no indication of a motive yet.

Back in May 2022, Borderland Beat reported that journalists Yessenia Mollinedo Falconi and Sheila Johana García Olivera were slain by gunmen in Cosoleacaque, Veracruz as they sat in a car in an OXXO parking lot.
They were the 10th and 11th journalists killed so far this year, the most violent on track for reporters in Mexico.

Yessenia Mollinedo Falconi (left) and Johana García (right)

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  1. Hijos de la gran puta, ni chanza les dieron a las muchachas de sacar sus ametralladoras...
    Buy why did they get killed?
    Is this part of Arturo Bermurderz defending himself since released to house arrest to spend his time waterskiing on the beach?


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