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Friday, June 10, 2022

4 Salazar Gunmen Arrested In SLRC & 7 Chapiza Arrested in Santa Clara, Sonora

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

Some curious footage of non-uniformed men participating in the arrest of four alleged Los Salazars gunmen in the city of San Luis Río Colorado, in the state of Sonora was released online. Seven alleged Chapiza were arrested by Army soldiers while they were gun smuggling in the Gulf of Santa Clara, Sonora.

4 Salazar Hitmen Arrested in SLRC

At approximately 7:52 pm on the night of Monday, June 6, 2022, police officers in the city of San Luis Rio Colorado reportedly spotted a recent model vehicle speeding on 26th Street, heading north.

The officers drove behind them and signaled for the SUV to pull over, but the SUV’s driver ignored them and a car chase ensued. The officers requested backup and multiple patrol vehicles responded to the request. The officers managed to intercept the SUV and force it to stop at an Oxxo gas station in 26th street, near the corner with Libertad street. 

As the officers approached the SUV, they noticed that the men inside were armed so they surrounded the vehicle and told the men to drop their weapons. The occupants of the vehicle complied and were arrested. The moment when one of the men from the SUV, who has his hands up in surrender, is approached by an officer and handcuffed was captured on video in the clip seen below. 

The video contains no graphic content. Video Sources: Sonora Informativo & GAFEs y Militares

At 0:15 seconds into the video, a non-uniformed armed man wearing a white shirt steps out of a pickup truck marked “Police Municipal” and approaches the hitman who is already surrounded by officers and kicks him.

Meanwhile, another no uniform armed man can be seen checking the inside of the hitmen’s SUV, then turning to walk away between 0:22 to 0:24 seconds into the video, with the officers clearly not perceiving him as an enemy. 

Whether these were off-duty officers, undercover law enforcement agents in plain clothes, or cartel hitmen working in coordination with the officers is unclear at this time.

Another video of some of the law enforcement vehicles at the Oxxo gas station can be seen below. 

The video contains no graphic content. Video Source: Calvarie Locus

The four men from the SUV were arrested and their firearms, along with ammo, 5 bags of drugs, and 6 cell phones were seized. Both Sonora Informativo and GAFEs y Militares have alleged the four men were members of Sinaloa Cartel’s Los Salazars. Calvarie Locus on twitter has alleged that the “GNS” seen on the baseball cap seized from the men stands for Gente Nueva Salazars.

They have been identified as the following: 

Francisco Eduardo "N", 18 years old, from Nogales, Sonora

Francisco Javier "N", 24 years old, from Hermosillo, Sonora

Luis Gilberto "N", 39 years old, from Hermosillo, Sonora

Christian Miguel "N", 43 years old, from Guasave, Sinaloa

All four were taken to the municipal police station. Shortly after they arrived, State Police officers and FGR agents were observed protecting the police station and guarding the detainee’s later transport to the Attorney General’s office. 

All police personnel stationed in San Luis Rio Colorado were put on alert and instructed to intercept any suspicious vehicles and search said vehicles. According to newspaper Tribuna de San Luis, these instructions were given due to “the possibility that accomplices of the armed men may intend to carry out an attack.”

Whether these are routine procedures implemented for any organized crime related arrest or if this indicates the police estimated the detainees were especially high-ranking within the cartel is unclear.

7 Chapiza Arrested in Gulf of Santa Clara

On Wednesday, June 8, 2022, the Army (SEDENA) announced they had arrested seven people two days earlier, on Monday, June 6, 2022 in the town of Santa Clara, located within San Luis Rio Colorado municipality.

The seven were allegedly involved with firearm smuggling and they were caught with a shipment which included a large collection of various weapons. Details on how they were caught, such as whether they were in the act of transport when noticed or they were caught while they stayed at a safehouse have not been detailed in the SEDENA press release. 

However it was reported by Tribuna de San Luis that “since Monday a house in the town of Golfo de Santa Clara is being guarded by a large number of elements of the Secretary of the Navy and the Secretary of National Defense.” Sonora Informativo alleges the seven detainees are “Chapiza”.

Based on photos of the seizure that were published by Expreso, a number of firearms wrapped in clear plastic film and/or bubble wrap were located by soldiers in the backseat of a SUV vehicle. Other firearms are photographed in both the backseat and the driver’s side front seat. These unwrapped firearms were presumably the personal weapons of the smugglers and intended to be used in order to protect their shipment.

They listed out what they seized from their possession as the following: 

  • 1 Barrett 50 caliber rifle 
  • 4 machine guns ("ametralladoras")
  • 4 rifles 
  • 2 pistols
  • 2 grenade launcher attachments
  • Ammo
  • 4 vehicles 


  1. Off topic, today is the last day of "the summit of the Americas" I'm surprised at the minimal mainstream coverage on the event. I guess the media doesn't want the American people to know that it was a failure.

    1. I see articles on it from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Politico, and the Washington Post that were all posted within the last 24 hours.

    2. 6:28
      Read the Los Angeles Times.
      The Summit ends Saturday , June 11, 2022

    3. I'm not saying it wasn't covered, I was expecting more articles. Ive realized that L.A Times is a very reliable source for misinformation. The official summit website and the department of state website both say today is the last day.

    4. Jose greatest American Presidente. Whatever he touches turns to gold. I am sure the summit will be a success because Biden y ALMO equals Winning!!!

    5. Can never appease people nowadays. You give them the truth oh no takes a fake paper, oh no they are right wing, boo hoo, oh they are in favor of Sol.
      Stop whining and look it up yourself. Dio Mio!!!

    6. Sol you have been denounced by sean hannity (insanity)...
      No panocha for you...
      About worthier news, jan6 committee hearings started, that is bigger news, the extreme right wing fascists drinkers of Koolaid tea still try to mislead or not notice in the middle of neutralizing gun control reforms being pushed by the extreme left libtardos they hate sooo much since Hillary's Broom helped her get rid of her emails, 33 000 thousand e-mails...

    7. Sir I think we all know by now which particular group of individuals they're looking out for.

    8. I like SIR but man how I wish you would quit typing in poems and metaphors. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    9. Hearts check your email by the way El Venado says hello to your beautiful Blog Gente del 03

    10. 9:57 AMLO didn't attend just so you know.

  2. A majority of the articles/coverage I have seen have all been centered around the fact that AMLO was not personally attending as Presidents have in the past. But sending representatives. His not attending was in protest to Cuba and Venezuela not being invited. But AMLO meets with Biden next month in DC.

    1. And socal you do know why they were not invited.

    2. AmLO, Bukule president of El Salvador didn't go, and neither did the president of Guatemala and Honduras.

    3. 12:19 I believe it is safe to say Washington is less than happy with the corruption, their inability to care for population (due to rampant corruption), Narco State status etc. This is tip of the iceburg especially in terms of Venezuela.
      Not to mention, isn't the past president now on trial in NYC and accused of essentially being a president%figure head of drug gang. Something along the lines of that, you get the jist.

  3. Ese AMLO PEJEndejo ahuevo quiere que sus colegas socialistas/comunista sean invitados cuando la sede es en EEUU. Otra ocurrencia ridícula de un supuesto opositor que sigue traumado sin saber que ya que es el presidente del país debe de ponerse al nivel del puesto, no seguir con sus niñadas el idiota vividor

    1. El idiota es el que no sabe de lo que habla pero se hace como que si. Mira lo que paso en las elecciones este domingo que acaba de pasar. Morena, el partido de AMLO casi arrazo con todo. La oposicion solo gano dos gobernaturas y por lo menos una de esas esta en cuestion por fraude. Pero en tu mente AMLO no esta haciendo buen jale. Ja!!! Chostosito. Y si nomas van a eligir ciertos paises , que le pongan otro nombre, no cumbre de las Americas. Porque aunque no te guste Venezuela, Nicaragua, y Cuba son parte de las Americas.Y pa que sepas no solamente fue AMLO quien no asistio. Tampoco fueron los presidentes de Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras y no me acuerdo quien mas. Asi que no hagas lo ridiculo porfavor

  4. Is the Beltran Leyva cartel still in existence? I think a lot of them used to be in Arizona.

    1. Chapo isidro was last real one and he now is supporting mz

    2. 10:45 doubtful keep dreaming

    3. Did Beltran's switch to Caro like lemos and Olivas?

    4. In certain parts, yes. Others did not.

      Milenio wrote about how BLO groups in Acapulco were now working for Caborca Cartel.

      And Los Olivas themselves have strong BLO connections because their leader Chapo Alfredo is the brother of the deceased BLO-boss Chapo Trini.

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