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Friday, May 20, 2022

Uruapan, Michoacán: The Interrogation Of Erick Martínez Diaz aka El Pilas

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The capture and subsequent interrogation of Erick Martinez Dimas aka El Pilas, plaza boss for the United Cartels in the city of Uruapan takes place in the following video. Within this broadcast the names and recent illicit affairs of all parties involved are confessed before the camera. 

For educational purposes the monikers Galleta and Galletilla translate into English as Cookie and Cookie junior. Although these aliases sound very unconventional in nature for actual death dealers to have. Many times the purpose behind their nom de guerre or pseudonyms comes down to simplistic reasons. 

In addition the following video has been deemed safe for all to see. At this time the fate of this captive male is currently unknown.

Video translation is as follows:

My name is Erick Martínez Dimas. I’m known as El Pilas. My brother is El Galletilla, my cousin is El Galleta and we belong to the Viagras cartel. We were positioned in the communities of Charapendo, Arroyo Colorado, and it’s surroundings. My brother El Galletilla participated in the events that took place on the 22nd. In addition both Galleta operatives participated in the incident that took place against the gambling machine merchant for his refusal to pay extortion. 

Just as well the matter with the old man, he was set up outside of his home. Once I left the area the guys I just mentioned participated in that execution. And for the hit on "F.U.s" brother. The men arrived in 2 white trucks, they descended, the word spread that everyone had to participate in a job on behalf of El Galleta and El Galletilla. They’re the ones who engaged in that killing along with Piñon and El 14. 

I want to introduce myself. My name is Erick Martinez Dimas aka El Pilas. The Priest and El Calzonci would associate with our bud Chatarras from the brewery. They communicated with each other in order to give the Galleta operatives support. Just the same the three of them progressed forward by maintaining their union with each other. El Galleta and Galletilla would dialogue with Piñon and El Catorce. 

They’re the ones who operated here in the city of Uruapan. Additionally, theses are the individuals who would abduct and commit the homicides that they perpetuated. The Priest is the individual who gave us support, he made sure we didn’t have any problems with the government or the ministerial policemen. The soldiers in Charapendo networked with the Viagras cartel. They roamed freely in vehicles with each other, civilians and troops. 

unidad de inteligencia ciudadana


  1. Once they have the full confession recorded they turn him into the police! That's how they roll in Mexico!

    1. BlameWhitey, I'd like to know how many times you've been to mexico and what was you're longest stay there.

    2. @10:40 Nope, this individual has met his end as it should be when self confessed murderers admit to their evil deeds. Another so-called self defense member from "Pueblos Unidos" aka Carteles Unidos, putos muertos de hambre...

  2. The translation (Galleta), (Galletilla) is not ‘Cookie’ but rather ‘Cracker’ and ‘Little Cracker or Crumb’. When the rooster crows he comments ‘here in Uruapan.’ He is physically in Uruapan. He says (Padrecito)…diminutive ‘ito’ is used affectionately to refer to ‘Father’ as in clergyman. Earlier he said (Viejito) diminutive ‘ito’ is used affectionately to refer to ‘Little Old Man’. It’s important to note the legacy of the conquest of Mexico often includes the use of the diminutive form: a clue to the reverence (dare I say respect) or degree of relationship with the victims and associates. This guy is no angel, but his matter-of-fact tone is flat and his eyes blinking…right then left…it reminded me of our Vietnam POWs (USAF pilots) who blinked in Morse Code into their filmed confessions.

    1. And there is this thing called synonyms like I've mentioned before. If you don't know all the different ways of saying these words don't bother trying to correct work that you haven't taken the time to do. It's that simple.


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