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Monday, May 30, 2022

Uruapan, Michoacán: El Fantasma Warns The United Cartels Again

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

El Fantasma from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel has once again released another video message for the United Cartels. Back in February of this year he had previously sent his ominous warnings to the leader, Nicolas Sierra Santana aka Gordo Viagra, of the Los Viagras criminal group.

Initially Los Viagras started off as a local self defense group in the state of Michoacán. And at one point in time the CJNG were actual allies with Los Viagras. Over the course of time those ties were severed over personal differences. 

Today Los Viagras is an armed group engaged in warfare for their survival within the key southern Pacific state.

Video translation is as follows:

Citizens of Uruapan. This video is to make a call to the authorities that the extortion fees have not ended. They only changed their modes of charging it physically on behalf of drug addicts. Now they’ve made it even easier in reaching the town of Pizándaro by means of mail. Stop going around stealing from the people. Get to work. You Gordo Viagra, Piña, Catorce, and Galleta. We’re already closer to you.

Stop fucking over the townspeople. If you want your extortion fees, we have them right here for you. Come and fight for them in your areas of operations that we've taken away from you guys. They’re not going to replace any money like the last time. Stop fucking over the citizenry. Everyone from the local butchers, tortilla makers, and the transportation drivers are being extorted.

Gentlemen stop living off the backs of the townspeople. Take yourselves to work for a living instead. All these individuals that I have standing here before me are the executives of the taxi industry. This group is local to the city of Uruapan. They were all gathered here and given a dignified deal. Because they're not at fault in any of this. They're doing this out of fear. There's approximately 6000 taxi cabs circulating in this city. And they're being extorted out of 120 pesos every month per vehicle. Do the math. For the Federal, State, and Municipal agencies.

It's a shame that with so many of your government actions you guys can't seem to do away with these problematic affairs. Instead we have to be doing your jobs by capturing the plaza bosses and commanders. As well as give you the cases in point. Such as the Charapendo priest, El Pilas, El Chilango, and Pedrito. For some strange reason you guys never could locate them. And yet we were able to find them gentlemen. Y'all should just start doing your jobs.

And stop living off the backs of the townspeople. They're all obliged to pay an extortion fee. And they're fed up with this. All the citizens of Uruapan should start gathering. You guys are not alone in this. You all have our support. If anyone wants to make contact with any of the leaders here. We are the Cartel…

Unidad de Inteligencia Ciudadana


  1. Go to work like Fantasma and be a good citizen! Jaja CJNG is in it’s final days! 🤣 jajaja

    1. Like it r not cjng is the biggest cartel in Mexico

  2. CJNG out here snitching again. Always crying about something, the tears never stop.

  3. Where's El Fantasma from? He's not from Michoacan..

  4. Yeah but what state is he from?


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