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Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Confrontations And Blockades In Mazamitla And Tamazula, Jalisco, May Be Related To The Capture Of 13 Individuals In Southern Municipalities

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

13 People Linked to the San Jose de Gracia Massacre Detained in Jalisco. 

*The arrests were made in Mazamitla, La Manzanilla de La Paz and Santa María del Oro.

MAZAMITLA, JAL, (ES) - As part of the deployment of elements of the Secretary of National Defense and the National Guard in the southeast of Jalisco, 13 men were arrested in various operations carried out in the municipalities of Santa María del Oro, La Manzanilla de la Paz and Mazamitla.

Some of those captured could be linked to the Pájaros Sierra criminal cell belonging to the Jalisco Cartel - New Generation, which carried out the massacre in the town of San José de Gracia.

Such arrests were announced by the Undersecretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Ricardo Mejía Berdeja during the morning conference held on Thursday, April 28 at the National Palace.

"In Santa María del Oro, where five people were detained; in La Manzanilla de la Paz another five subjects were detained with weapons and explosives, also in Santa María del Oro two people were detained. Also one person was arrested in Mazamitla, all of them linked to criminal groups. I insist, where the Pájaros Sierra group operates, which had to do with the event in San José de Gracia," explained the federal official.

The first of the arrests was in Santa María del Oro on April 14; on April 18, following a confrontation, the military captured another five individuals in La Manzanilla de la Paz. On April 19, José Manuel "N" alias "El Pepino" was captured after military personnel were attacked in Santa María del Oro with an improvised explosive device.

That same day, in the same municipality, members of the Army were attacked and Alfonso "N" was arrested carrying a long gun and cartridges. Finally, on the 20th of this month, in Mazamitla, soldiers were also attacked by a group of 10 individuals; however, only one of them, identified as Crisanto "N", was captured.

The Deputy Secretary of Public Security, Mejia Berdeja, acknowledged that since the massacre of San Jose de Gracia, in Marcos Castellanos, began operations in municipalities of Jalisco bordering Michoacan as there is a record that in that area operates the aforementioned criminal group.

"Since this event there has been a permanent deployment of the Secretary of National Defense and the National Guard and in different events and operations they have been able to secure weapons, drugs and relevant arrests".



  1. Important to note that Pajaros Sierra criminal faction are now reportedly fighting their former bosses CJNG. Pajaros Sierra without CJNG approval killed 11 individuals (San Jose de Gracia massacre).

  2. The Government in Jalisco is going harder at them than Michoacan. I definitely believe that due to corruptio the government in Jalisco favors CJNG. I didn't see them doing all this when CJNG killed them 14 cops. Or when they kidnapped the soldiers on two different occasions and the kidnappings occured in Jalisco. Yeah they ran up in one town but here they run up in a few different towns. 11 cartel related people are more important then 14 cops to them??? Garbage individuals

    1. 6:36 ay, no mames...
      It is like "si, bienvenidos a los eeuu", or to Honduras, el salvador, peru, colombia, Guatemala, there is shit all over

    2. Humble welcome to Mexico, where you get away with crime.

    3. 6:45 the "humble part" sounds like otra mamadita...

  3. Dam here is what i know there's a guy called palillo from santa maria dont know if is the same game but rumors on the street is he is being framed for the murders, but nobody knows and also someone got killed in a farm/factory where they package things and that's why internal war broke, someone came to the farm killed them and took all the stuff and that's why they been killing each other lately.

    1. Rumors about someone getting killed at a place where they package product is very interesting. Good comment.


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