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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Sonora: "They Already Told Me Where My Son Is"

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Ceci Patricia Flores explained that she is in a very large garden, where yesterday along with three other people they began their search.

The Search Mothers from Sonora is in Jalisco.

Ceci Patricia Flores, founder and leader of the collective Search Mothers of Sonora, said that after almost seven years of the disappearance of her son, Alejandro Guadalupe, finally received a call from the person who took her son and that he “already mentioned where he could be found. ”

She explained that she is in a very large garden, where since yesterday she along with three other people began the search, but hasn't been able to advance much, in the municipality of Ahome, Sinaloa.

"Today when I once again headed to the place in my search I received threats and was told not to search further. Unfortunately, I don't have the support of the authorities to search for my son," she said in a video on her social networks.

She pointed out that during her day she had to call on the protection mechanism to be escorted by authorities. She argued that she doesn't seek "guilty parties, or justice," she only wants to find her son. She said, she is only a mother with immense pain; "Finally they told me where he is, I just want to find my son and not cause anyone problems," she said.

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  1. Grillonautas2 showing off bb on yt the true masters of narconews

    1. Ummmm just in case your comment wasn't sarcasm. You do know there's a huge different between a grouper of people that translate and take their personal time to put these articles together or anything extra. Where as grillo in a journalist. And is always researching and meeting others etc etc. Here if there weren't so many DICKS complaining and acting like they are editors in chief. It would make for a much better site. And more info being gathered etc. But...............

    2. Grillonautas cherry picks certain paragraphs from different news articles and passes them off as their own work. The only thing original that they're doing is providing videos to their channels with the words of others.

    3. Good afternoon Mr machine. Hope yourself are well. And thank you for clearing that up.

    4. Guys, they gave us credit in every way possible. They directly cited Borderland Beat in their video and even put our logo on the screen.

      This is awesome. Very exciting.

    5. I'm saying bb are the masters of narconews. Not grillonautas2

    6. What Ioan grillo does should have "advertisement" above the page, he gets opportunities to make governments shine from his "cartel reports" BS.

  2. Of course, I feel bad for this mom and family. I just "guestimate" that for every homicide (Mexican sicario type) generate at least 10 cases of primary PTSD and numbers of secondary others (friends, neighbors, etc).
    Imagine these kind of PTSD impaired numbers in a small nation like Mexico?
    When people die in accidents, from illness, or natural disasters... Societies do have traditional ways and measures for alleviation of their grief. Life goes on, and PTSD minimized.
    However, when a person just disappears then kin, loved ones, and friends are free to imagine horrific scenarios including evil kinds of torture and desecration of bodies.

    Thus, I infer that Mexico has grown (over the last 25 years) huge numbers of people with "clinical level" PTSD.
    Yes Mexico has been raking in billions of dollars from narcotics, people smuggling, money launderings, etc. And yes, those narco-corridos are enjoyable (to some)...but in other ways that money has its evil side effects for Mexicans.

    1. 2:16 Mexico is not a billion dollar money laundering paradise, even the politricko-cleptoclass take their money away to Cayman islands, Florida, califa, NY, tejas, panama...

  3. Like it or not, I bet millions of unwitting Mexicans and Colombians et al. (yes, the US) are gainfully employed by business entities funded by drug money. Does drug trafficking have positive benefits?


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