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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Sedena Seizes Real Estate; Presumed To Have Been Used As Drug Sales Point In Culiacan

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Military personnel and the Attorney General's Office have secured two commercial premises that were allegedly used as drug sales points.

According to a police report, a gray Chevrolet Matiz vehicle and drugs were seized and a young woman whose identity was not disclosed, was arrested.

Authorities reported that the operation began early in the morning on Mexico 68 Avenue and Cerro de los Algodones Street in the Colinas del Rey subdivision, in a commercial plaza located on the site.

According to reports, the vehicle was parked on the east-west lane of Mexico 68 avenue, and was secured while the woman was apparently arrested during the operation.

The property remained under the Army's protection while the FGR elements carried out the search activities.

In the end, the vehicle, the woman and the property were transferred to the corresponding authorities of the Attorney General's Office. The property was secured with the seals of the FGR.


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