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Friday, May 27, 2022

Recently Escaped Colombian Kingpin “Matamba” Killed by Police

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One of Colombia's most wanted fugitives has been killed by police, the country's president has announced.

In March, Juan Castro Estupiñán, better known as Matamba, had escaped from La Picota maximum-security jail in the capital, Bogotá. CCTV footage showed him calmly walking out of his cell dressed in the uniform of a prison guard.

Photo released by the Colombian National Police photo of the body of Juan Larinson Castro Estupinan, a fugitive member of the Gulf Clan drug cartel.

President Iván Duque said that Matamba had been "neutralized" in the city of Bolívar, in northern Colombia. But he did not provide any more details about the police operation in which the fugitive gang leader was killed. "We continue dealing blows to the 'Gulf Clan'," said Duque, adding: "no bandit will have a burrow left to hide in."

Matamba, who led an off-shoot of the Gulf Clan cartel, was expected to be extradited to the US on charges of drug trafficking. He had been accused of running up to 20% of the cocaine shipments from Nariño province, in Colombia's south-west.

His gang, called Cordillera Sur, is thought to have paid off a number of high-ranking members of the Colombian military. Those on the gang's payroll reportedly tipped the gang off about impending raids and in some cases targeted their rivals. 

Matamba's disappearance from prison led some to speculate that he may have been killed in order to prevent him from revealing who in the military the gang had allegedly bribed, as Otoniel was doing prior to his extradition to the US. Matamba was awaiting extradition and fled to avoid it. A number of guards were in on his plan.

CCTV footage showed him calmly walking out through a door left ajar. The prison's directors and more than 50 guards who were on shift at the time of his escape were suspended. The officer suspected of giving him a guard's uniform and opening a door was arrested.

Sources BBC, RTL


  1. I guess we can say not much was lost.

  2. Hey hey SIr you don't calm down, I will have you neutralized !

    1. Lol be careful, that word might be too big

  3. Interesting that the Colombia Gov have elections now, and always someone is caught, killed or a large shipment stopped just before election time

  4. Better dead than locked up like a caged animal in a filthy fungus infested US jail after they extradite him.

    1. Reading comprehension 101.
      Did you not read which country he was jailed at?????
      Dios mio

    2. 8:21 maybe you are the one with reading comprehension problems, or you dont really know what you are talking about, let me enlight tou a lil bit, matamba was gonna get extradited to the USA and thats the reason he scaped prison, otoniel, matambas partner got extradited like a month ago and matamba was next, in other words if he had gotten caught he would of been extradited to the USA right away, you get it now?

  5. Probably not even him. Probably paid to fake his death. Where is the pic of his dead body? I mean i could be wrong but all i see is a white bag marked evidence that could be a homeless man for an old person or anything for that matter. Guy obviously had power to walk out of prison and avoid extradition and strong military connections. Whats to say he didnt pay a top trusted military commander to report his "death' to the president

    1. 10:08 estilo el cabito aka el jabon

  6. La Matamba Cartel has lost a member.


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