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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas: "I Work For Commander Juanito"

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

An enraged heart broken young male is stuck in the mire of the emotional devastation caused by his ex girlfriend seeing someone else. In his nihilistic anger he lashes out with profanity laced words and direct threats towards his former lover's family members. The melancholic man furiously spits out obscene curses and menacing warnings.

Inside of this verbally abusive tirade the name of Commander Juanito, alleged current leader for the Northeast Cartel is muttered aloud. In a desperately bullish means of leverage the central underworld enforcer in the metropolis of Nuevo Laredo was thrown out to intimidate the household. 

A confirmation to the city's biggest open secret flew out in a moment of blind rage.

Video translation is as follows:

Female: You’re not going to assault me. 

Belligerent Male: Don’t be fucking recording me!

Female: And why not?

Belligerent Male: You’re gong to have problems if you do. 

Female: Of course. Everyone needs to see who you really are. 

Belligerent Male: Do you really want everyone to see this, do you want everyone to see this?

Female: Do what you have to do then. 

Belligerent Male: Are you going to be able to handle this shit? Because if that’s the case I can have my mob come over and destroy your fucking house. 

Female: Go ahead. Tell them to come over. 

Belligerent Male: You want them to come over so that they can tie you up? I don’t give a fuck, call whoever you want. They can all suck my dick!

Margaro: Ok, that’s enough already. We don’t want any problems here. 

Belligerent Male: I work for Commander Juanito, the grand dick in this fucking drug corridor!

Margaro: I don’t like what I’m hearing…

Belligerent Male: No, no, no! Stop your bullshit and tell your daughter to cut her shit out. Ismael, tell your mom not to be a whore because I’m going to fucking kill her. 

Female: But you already have a girlfriend. So just leave our daughter alone. 

Belligerent: What exactly do I have?

Female: You have a girlfriend. 

Belligerent Male: What fucking girlfriend? I don’t fucking have anyone. And why is that? Cause they’re going to fucking kill me! And it angers me deeply that your whore of a daughter is out and about with other men when I’m the fucking man here!

Female: Ok! That’s enough already. Please just leave. 

Belligerent Male: Negro, come here. Should we just open fire on them or what?

Female: Go ahead young man. Take out your gun and kill us. 

Belligerent Male: I’ll fucking open fire on everyone here. But first I want to bring your daughter outside so that I can beat the shit out of her. And you’ll get to see the fucking balls that Luna has here. 

Female: No, you don’t have those nuts. 

Belligerent Male: Go ahead and record my face. You can all suck my dick. I work for Commander Juanito of the Northeast Cartel, the grand dick here in Nuevo Laredo. Things already went to shit for El Huevo (Juan Trevino). Listen here Margaro. Do you want to be someone great in life, do you want to be great?

Margaro: We don’t want any problems Luna. Calm down Luna. 

Belligerent Male: You fucking pussy ass old man. 

Female: That’s enough young man, that’s enough already. I’m going to record the details here. 

Belligerent Male: I don’t give a fuck lady. This is my son we’re talking about here.

Female: He always comes over to do this to us. 

Belligerent: I’m going to show you a video of the guys head I recently killed. I’m going to show you. 

Female: He’s always doing this to us…

Eduardo Luna Ortiz

frontera al rojo vivo


  1. Meth is one hell of a drug

  2. In the USA .some guys put on a nike hoodie air jordan sneakers get high and think they are the kings of the world.They go out commit crimes and die in the process. Then the single ebt queens that gave them birth cry about "dindo nuffin"

    1. 5:41 it is like dandelions, the more they get abused the more they reproduce, when you don't have much to lose you are always ready to lose it.
      Your own ebt queen mother was so busy working her corner she did not have much education to give you...
      We are lucky not every mexican motherfucker can go and get US weapons and ammo to murder little school kids or families in high class fashion.

  3. @5:41. Plenty Mexicans and whites and Asians have tarjetas de ebt. But whatever.

  4. All that drama over some puss. Anyone ever lose their fucking minds like this guy? ūüėĄ

    1. Ser√° por el chiquillo que tiene con la ruca o este buey est√° bien enculado y luego lokote sin pensar que ya est√° muerto por andar de alucin

    2. The guys bragging he's probably a messenger or crash dummy he wouldn't act like that in Texas.


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