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Monday, May 9, 2022

National Guard Seizes Crystal and Methamphetamines In Toluca Airport

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Mexico City. The National Guard (GN) seized more than four kilos of possible crystal methamphetamine and around 5,000 methamphetamine pills, which were to be sent from the Toluca International Airport, State of Mexico, to Nevada and California, United States. The seizure occurred during a search in the loading and unloading area of a private courier company, when a canine of the GN showed as suspicious the contents of two cardboard boxes, so both packages were isolated and opened for examination.

In the first one, which was destined for Las Vegas, Nevada, five plastic bags were found with a granulated substance with the characteristics of crystal methamphetamine, weighing approximately two kilos, as well as six small bags with around 5 thousand pills of apparent methamphetamine.

The second box contained three plastic bags with possible crystal methamphetamine, weighing close to two kilos, which were destined for an address in the state of California, United States.

Both packages and their documentation were handed over to the Attorney General's Office in Toluca, State of Mexico, for analysis and initiation of the corresponding investigation.



  1. "Toluca buen gente, no mata pero ataranta" then julian slim helu got his hands on the airport, then ABL GOT THE AIRPORT, Then EPN and genarco garcia luna got ABL whacked AND STOLE HIS WHOLE OPERATION and the they are bitching about a little ant trafficking shit.


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