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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

'Narcotunnel' Sinkhole Opens In Culiacan And Swallows A Young Man In His Sleep

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

During the early hours of Tuesday morning, a sinkhole opened up and "swallowed" a young man and the couch in which he was sleeping, inside a house in the Juntas de Humaya neighborhood, due to a "narcotunnel" that crosses several streets in the sector that was discovered in 2011.

According to the report, it was around 4:00 am when the people living in the area woke up because of a loud noise, so they went out to see what was happening and when they turned on the light they saw their relative at the bottom of the well.

The authorities reported that the young man suffered injuries and bruises to different parts of his body when he fell to a depth of between two and a half and three meters.

The neighbors said that the sinkhole was caused by the collapse of one of the many "narcotunnels" in a house located about 50 meters from the site of the accident, through which criminals managed to escape in 2011 when it was secured during an operation in the area, and where the army seized several illicit objects stored in black bags.

As a result of this accident, which occurred on May 10, Mother's Day in Mexico, a series of complaints came to light from other neighbors, who confirmed that their homes had damage caused by this same problem, including a large mango tree that was "swallowed" by the earth approximately 2 years ago and which still remains with its roots exposed to the elements at a depth of 2.5 to 3 meters below the surface and where you can see the "narcotunnel" built of wood which is already rotten by the years and humidity.

Another home also had damage to the ground and all the buildings had structural damage such as cracks and collapses.

The press went to the site to report the details of this accident and it is expected that the municipal, state and federal authorities will resolve this case before a tragedy occurs, since a thorough soil study is needed to verify whether the houses are suitable for continued habitation.



  1. Ivan, the DEA has a reward poster for you.

    1. You Mr sir you one lucky guy, collect disability checks, TV dinners, be on laptop all day, you got it made.

    2. 9:53 in would not want to sink in a Florida narc hole sinko tunnel, I've heard they gat nothing but the best over there straight from Cuba.

  2. One of chapos old escape tunnels?


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