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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Michoacan Governor Announces Ending the War Against the Cartels

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

Michoacan Governor Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla announced that he and his government "have left behind the idea of continuing a war [against criminal organizations]" and will focus on addressing the causes, including poverty and marginalization. On Monday, the statement was made during a Michoacán Secretary of Public Security (SSP) parade.

During the event, the head of the SSP, José Ortega Reyes, stated that while insecurity has become a risk for the state and its citizens, the SP strategy has been reinforced to support critical areas. Ramírez Bedolla responded, "We have decided to work with all possible measures to achieve peace. We have left behind the idea of continuing a war that for decades has only aggravated the vision of violence. Today, we are heading towards the vision of Citizen Security, because we are working to address the causes that generate violence, such as poverty and inequality in historically marginalized communities.

He added that his government would create the necessary conditions to cement the training and the professionalism of the police, arguing that improved working conditions would decrease the rate of police officers defecting to organized crime. Over the past two years, Michoacan has recorded some of the highest levels of violence, including the second-highest homicide figures in the country.

In Aguililla, over 1,500 residents have fled their homes; while in Tepalcatepec, more than 3,000 residents have fled. Residents Apatzingán, Buenavista, Coalcomán, Múgica and Tomatlán continue reporting high levels of violence.

Source Twitter/GOB de Michoacan


  1. Too little, too late 🤷🏻‍♂️😥

  2. Cartel crime has grown like a cancer, Governers let it get out of hand, president of Mexico has let it get out of hand. And now in public this one person blames it on poverty and to take action.Its predicted what is going to happen to him and his family.

    1. Poverty and lack of education don't generate crime...
      Greed and power do.
      Las Truchas generated an ambition for possessing the greatest Steelworks in Mexicoa nd from a state property developed with national resources it became privatized by a bunch of motherfuckers that then sold it to arcelor-mittal, the one that corrupted the whole shit.
      Same thing happened to iron ore, avocados, lemons and drugs...
      Shit always rolls downhill, from the top, comprendes?

  3. Must have been getting advice from Kamala Harris!! Talk a bunch of crap and do nothing!!

    1. Raja Mohammed
      How is Osamba Bin Laden doing up there with 14 virgins.
      I don't think they can be called virgins no more.

    2. Hey Virgins want to have fun they cannot stay virgin waiting for men that died to killing others.

  4. 8:19 if it wasn't for Kamala we'd still have the kingkong cheeto trumpanzee POSing US with his bullshit, thank GOD for Biden's leadership and Kamala's help that made trooomp The Unpresidented Disgrace he is on his way to trials and tribulations for his evil shit, and his cohorts and courtesans will have a chance to see his wide ass cut down to size.

  5. Another public official in the cartels wallet his job as a public official is the safety of it's citizens: another one bites the dust; hopefully he'll deposit that money in Texas And spends it at the mall in McAllen: that's the least he should do to help our economy like huey long said share the wealth; he probably never heard of him or anybody reading this article; Read people just you're Mexican doesn't mean you're ignorant that's our worst enemy in our culture being billingual means you're smarter and use it for something good not criminal.

  6. He will be killed for that!!!

  7. In Michuakan: there is a war between cartels and against the citizens of the state, a lot of the violence has had help and assistance of police or melitary or both and politricks, but there has never been a war of the government against the cartels...
    It is not like La Mencha and el Abuelo are getting married, not even eloping in secret, but the governor's shit could get releases for mencho's wife and daughters and son to prove good faith


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