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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Methuen, Massachusetts: $300K Cash, 9 Kilos Of Cocaine Seized In Drug Raid

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

Nine kilos of cocaine and $300K cash were seized by federal agents and state police during a recent search in Methuen. Three men are facing money laundering and drug distribution charges.

Nine kilos of cocaine and $300,000 cash were seized from a Methuen home last month, authorities confirmed.

Three men were charged as part of the multi-jurisdictional investigation into a “highly sophisticated drug trafficking organization” linked to a Mexican drug cartel, according to information provided by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Nine kilos of cocaine, with a street value of roughly $300,000, and $300,000 cash were seized when a search warrant was executed at 7 Linton Ave., Methuen.

Three men — Leonardo Lara, Leandro Martineze, both residents of the Dominican Republic, and Merced Morfin, a Mexican national — were charged. All three men, who are in their early 40s, are charged with federal money laundering and illegal drug distribution charges, according to the DEA.

The three men were living in Lawrence at the time of their arrest, authorities said.

The seizures and arrest were part of the DEA’s Cross Border Initiative working in conjunction with Massachusetts State Police.

North Andover, Haverhill, Lowell, Tewksbury, and Salem, New Hampshire, police assisted with the investigation, according to the DEA.

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  1. The 300 000.00 cash were profits from other deals, prolly about to pay for the 9 kilos about to be sold, that now WILL BE SOLD ANYWAY, straight out of the evidence room.

  2. Dominicans runs the East Coast

    1. Or they say but who supplies them? Mexicans.

    2. Nothing but lazy fucks.. never met a hard working dominican.. when i was in jersey i would all the lazy fkers just hanging all day

  3. Why did they not mentioned the drug cartel they are hooked up with.

  4. 5:54 CIA/DEA do not want to get involved and have to tesificate, but the money goes to a Dark Black Hole and the drugs go back to market...
    Thosey DIVINE federal, state, county and municipal employees got already handsomely paid in gold bricks for their Golden Parachutes.

    1. 3:34 The FBI has testicles, I didn't know that SIR, your are smarter than my Donkey, El Cucumber.

    2. 6:44 don't forget the boss founder denier of the existence of the MOB in the US was got by his testificles by some mafiosos for living with his live in boyfriend, another FBI agent.
      More to the point, the FBI does not officially mess with other countries, not even the CIA, they leave that to things like USAID.

  5. The money is divided by two by DEA and the Massachusetts state police it's called a forfeiture fund used to buy more equipment overtime and hire more officers plus undercover buys: it's not like in Mexico where less than half is reported and rest to their pockets so they can eat a good dinner besides tacos and a coca- cola and the commanders eat a luxury restaurant and eat caviar and wine besides tequila and a

  6. Looks like Boston is really getting high.


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