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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Los Angeles, California: 3 Dead In Apparent Fentanyl Overdose, Officer Hospitalized Due To Exposure

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

An apparent fentanyl overdose is being blamed for the deaths of three men who were found in a downtown Los Angeles apartment building Thursday morning.

Police said they received a call at about 1:15 a.m. from the wife of one of the victims asking for a welfare check.

Officers arrived at the building in the 600 block of South Spring Street to find three unresponsive men, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson confirmed.

Los Angeles Fire Department personnel and a hazmat team also responded to the apartment, where the three men were pronounced dead.

The unidentified men were described as being in their 40s.

The deaths are being investigated as possible fentanyl overdoses, the spokesperson said.

One officer had to be transported from the scene after suffering from apparent fentanyl exposure.

The officer was responsive and is expected to be OK.

Investigators said the incident appeared to be isolated to a single unit of the apartment building.

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  1. That Fentanyl shit made in Mexico laced in Mexico is killing drug addicts and police getting exposed to it. It's time to sue Lopez Obrador government for letting the criminals bring it to USA.

  2. They don't care as long as they paid and the other guys make their sale But nobody tells nobody to shoot up RIP.

  3. 11:06 why sue AMLO?
    I am sure he had nothing to do with this shit, he did not receive political contributions from Mexican or US Drug Traffickers... unlike winning or defeated US Politicians financed IN PART by Bladdermir putin and his puppet NRA...
    ••Make sure and drink your Kooley antidote, you OVERDOSED...

    1. Sir same saying why is Obrador them of lawyers suing gun manufacturer, when it is the gun smuggliers that bring in the guns. Who kills people in Mexico the manufacturer or the criminals?????See how dumb Obrador is.

    2. 8:19 licensed weapons manufacturers are violating the US laws by dealing their killing wares sloppily, and allowing criminals to traffic them to México,...
      Illegal drugs don't have AMLO's licenses or permits or complicity or bilateral trade agreements.

  4. Fent is killing lots in USA, what will the total be at the end of the year?

  5. 6:45 the war ON drugs has killed and disappeared about 30 000 mexicans a year for 15 years now, propaganda news add it all to about 100 000 total...
    I guess Black Math processes could help count the OD deaths on the us, some say 100 000 a year...
    Well, The Unpresidented Disgrace promised to bring Christmas back to the Whites' House, the OD deaths could count as your Christmas gifts and presents from thick ass Oringe Santa...


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