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Friday, May 13, 2022

Los Angeles, California: 2 Maintenance Workers Die After Fentanyl Exposure At Downtown LA Apartment Complex

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Two men are dead after police believe they may have been exposed to fentanyl. 

Two maintenance workers are dead after police believe they may have been exposed to fentanyl at a downtown Los Angeles apartment complex.

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to a hazmat call in the 800 block of South Olive Street a little before 11 a.m. Thursday. When officers arrived at the apartment complex, they found two unconscious men.

Both men, who were maintenance workers at the building, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Officials have not released their identities. It is unknown how the two workers got exposed to fentanyl.

As of Thursday night, no arrests have been announced in connection to the deadly fentanyl exposure.

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  1. Hell just stinking up the apartment with Fentanyl will kill anyone coming in. Who should be held accountable for their deaths?

    1. Lopez Obrador who is letting Cartels run the country like monkeys. Sue Lopez Obrador and his government.

    2. 6:14 smoke shit and crap blame
      Your Scientific Meth-od is amazing, and a winner in your Alt world, fer shó...

    3. Lopez Obrador don't care about drugs coming to usa

  2. Mexican fentanyl process operators without PPE or proper safety plant equipment never die, what is their trick???
    No benefits, insurance, company breaks or wages...
    Still safer than crypto money, crash wipes out 1 trillion dollar worth of value and hundreds of billions just disappear and eveporate.
    I was lucky I stored my used chewing gum under the dining table, it's still there.

    1. No process operators die THAT WE KNOW OF... remember SIR, dead people don't talk.

    2. 4:17 retrograds...
      In Chicago we even vote,
      and post messages,
      as often as possible

    3. 'They' always have at least 2 on hand as I have read one usually dies within 6mos. Luis Chaparro interview on Sean Ryan podcast is interesting. He has been in a few clandestine labs as a journalist. Also, if you call him (number on his site) he actually picks up his personal phone and will chat?!? Anyhow Sean Ryan podcast is good w him, worth the listen.

    4. Other Great Dead Victors:
      Don Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, EL Cid Campeador who beat the moors riding his own horse.
      President Hugo Chavez who single handedly made the "greatest general" the US ever had , UNPRESIDENTED...
      "The Unpresidented Disgrace"
      Of course with help of half asleep "Sleepy Joe" and Hillary's broom.

  3. Come on, they touched to bad hide. They themselves maybe had nothing to do with that shit.

  4. Unbelievable all coming from Mexico, I heard last year 2021 in the USA, 90,000 died to overdose.

  5. It all starts in China. They pretty much started the Fentanyl market through online order some years back. They have an unlimited supply of precursor chemicals needed to make Fentanyl.

    1. 2:56 according to NOW DEAD wiseasses: the British discovered India's magic teas and imported them to china which soon fell into addiction and poverty, which caused the British merchants to diversify and recruit consumers all over the world to make coin.
      Then the "united nations" divided The Forbiden City into their own personal Quarters until the mexican cartels arrived to become the fall guy drug traffickers of the world, but never the trillion dollar owners of the drug trade, not even El Chapo whose incarceration cost the US taxpayers 2000.00 US dollars a day and USD 20 cents worth of prison food daily


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