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Monday, May 16, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: New Drug In DC Is As Strong As Fentanyl, DEA Says

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FOX 5's Sierra Fox reports that the DEA is warning D.C. area residents about a potentially deadly new drug that is just as strong as fentanyl.

The Drug Enforcement Administration is warning of a new drug in the D.C. region that is dangerous and deadly.

The drug is called Isotonitazene, "Iso" or "Toni" for short. The DEA has officially made it an illegal drug and can prosecute those who they catch with it.

"Iso" was found in a powder form in D.C. and can appear yellow, brown or an off-white color. In other areas in the U.S., it has also been pressed into counterfeit pills.

The drug was first discovered in the Midwest in 2019 as a result of multiple overdoses. Now, the DEA says it's moving to the south and east.

The synthetic opioid is as strong as fentanyl and more potent than heroin and morphine. Just like fentanyl, "Iso" is being mixed in with other drugs and can cause deadly overdoses.

The DEA says it can truly only be identified after a lab test, so drug dealers may not even realize they're selling it and people don't realize they're buying it until it's too late.

Behind the scenes DEA lab tour.

It’s the first time a news crew has been allowed inside in years. FOX 5 DC is getting an exclusive look at a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) special lab.

"The main message is that people have to keep in mind that with all the synthetic drugs out there and the way they’re being mixed together, they never know what they’re buying, so they have to be cautious in terms of how they’re ingesting drugs," says DEA Strategic Analyst Maura Gaffney. "It doesn’t matter if they’re buying from the same dealer all the time – the mix could vary from one buy to the next, so we have to keep in mind you don’t know what you’re ingesting."

The DEA is reminding people to only take drugs prescribed by a doctor because if not, it could be laced with a deadly substance.

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  1. My homeless clients in Seattle are talking about doing 'iso'.

    1. That's weird how some people willingly lead themselves to their own deaths.

    2. Low class needs nipping,
      I would not sell shit to a homeless, but I would try me some of this shit.
      I have been addicted to watching drug addicts get crazy since the...whatever's.
      The homeless addicted people are easy to identify, but expensive to treat and assist, it can be clearly seen that nobody cares because all the $$$in the treasury has been going to expensive militarized training and equipment for cuicos to justify their high salaries and benefits, not much left for people assistance.
      Pennsylvania's Kensington and Seattle Wa's are good for videos but not for help, except a cup of coffee and bread from humanitarians with or without money when they should be sent for forced treatment and isolation if need be and their pushers they can easily find u like cuicos who can't get involved until they are sure where the money is...
      Call Bukele, chingadamadre!!!
      He will arrest and make pushers cry, 3 000 a day would be a good start.

  2. The article on the mayor blames the deaths in judge is blocked from comments.

    I am sure by now the mayor knows there are Curupt officials and judges.
    Why are they omitting the judges name. Bribes talk, they're set free to kill Innocents. This will get to the back burner soon and all forgotten. The mayor will be told to hush or he will be killed too.

  3. We have been blocked, I am sure the bad luck is because of all the lilos populating BB.


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