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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

“El Nini” Clashes with Soldiers in Culiacán, Sinaloa

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

Elements of the GN and Army were attacked by a convoy of Los Ninis gunmen, and no injuries were reported.

Nestor Isidro García, "El Nini," would have commanded the attack on federal security forces in the La Campiña neighborhood of Culiacán, since he was inside one of the vehicles in which Sinaloa Cartel gunmen were traveling and shot at military elements during the afternoon of Monday, May 23.

Sources from the Sinaloa Public Security Secretariat (SSP) confirmed the presence of the Los Chapitos security chief on Doctor Mora Boulevard, next to a supermarket, and a few meters from a kindergarten. According to what was reported by the Sinaloa authorities, the armed convoy came from the Isla Musala subdivision of Culiacán and met the uniformed men who were carrying out preventive patrols through the streets of the city.

Realizing the presence of elements of the Mexican Army and the National Guard who were aboard four vehicles, the Sinaloa Cartel gunmen fired at the soldiers, who responded in the same way. The authorities reported no security element was injured after the attack, and they announced that the armed subjects boarded some five trucks and fled in an unknown direction.

Videos circulating on social networks in which the moment of the shootout between the National Guard and the hitmen. In the recordings, it can be seen how elements of the national force are responding to the fire from the ground and many others from the SUVs and trucks in which they were traveling.

One of the gunmen's SUVs, possibly with El Nini inside became stuck on the median.

The gunmen were aboard a Land Rover Defender model 2023, white and without license plates, followed by a white Chevrolet Tahoe and a gray Tahoe, as well as a black Ford Lobo Platino truck. Footage shows that the Land Rover became high-centered on the median of the bridge, and the other three trucks blocking one direction of the road to prevent the passage of vehicles while they worked to dislodge the Land Rover.

The attack took place just meters away from a school.

Students and teachers who were in schools near the scene of the events dropped to the floor of the classrooms, while others took refuge in the bathrooms of the school in order to protect themselves from the burst of shots by both sides.

Who is El Nini?

Nestor Isidro García, "El Nini" head of sicarios known as "Los Ninis" for Los Chapitos.

Nestor Isidro García, "El Nini" 09 or Chicken Little has been identified by Mexican and US authorities as head of security for Los Chapitos, the sons of Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, who lead their own criminal cell within the Sinaloa Cartel. Currently, $5,000,000 rewards are offered for their captures.

El Nini stands out for his rapid progress within the cartel despite his young age, because according to data shared by the authorities, the alleged criminal is around 30 years old and has already positioned himself as one of the most important hitmen in the criminal organization.

The leader of the security arm of Los Chapitos commands the Los Ninis cell, which would maintain an internal dispute in the Sinaloa Cartel with Los Rusos, commanded by operators under the orders of Ismael El Mayo Zambada. They are commanded by Miguel Ángel Gaxiola, and dispute control of the Sinaloa capital with Los Ninis, a confrontation that arose after the capture of El Chapo, which caused an internal struggle to command the criminal organization since both El Mayo and Los Chapitos look to claim the top position of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Narcocorridos circulate on YouTube that describes his activities because he is an effective security element and loyal to "Chapito".

For example, the lyrics of "Time is Expensive" refers to the "Nini" as someone who has reached the position on merit, while highlighting his humble origins, "from below". In turn, the song alludes to the discretion of the hitman, for preferring private parties. The code with which they refer to it by radio alerts would be "09".

“The years I have are few, but with a great fit. I have in my hands, the security of Mr. Archivaldo. the same with Panu, and Alfredito knows very well that I do not fail him, first I fall, before then the boss Iván”, reads the composition by Adriel Favela, released in 2015.


  1. Any reporting on assassination of Jesus Garibay Espinoza in mexicali the other day. Manuel Garibay s brother?

    1. He was a good man with over 200 employees, owner of gas stations and hotels, nothing to do with his brothers business. May he Rest In Peace.

    2. 9:15 Nobody owns all that shit from their lawful endeavours, Mexicali's favourite son Rafael Chao Lopez "el chino chao" a former DFS agent would bear witness to this...
      Los Angeles Times:
      "Mexico Accuses 2 former security chiefs over amassed wealth; 427 agents fired.
      ...replaced 19 of 31 state directors...
      By Juan M Vazquez,
      June 7 1985
      By the time the Garibayes came to Mexicali it was well endowed with crime and money.

  2. Are chapitos loosing influence?

  3. If no one can enter culiacan with out cds knowing my question is, who let the soldiers in? Was it mayos click? Is mayo trying to take chapitos key players out low key, since he doesnt want a full out war? Really suspecious, culiacan has been hot lately, in terms of big fish getting caught and drugs been seized

    1. There is a military base in Culiacan, you definitely watch too many movies gringo.

    2. There’s a military base in Culiacan.

    3. But do they not have hawks (look outs) all over the city? Who lets them know where the soldiers are at? Use some common sence fools theres something sketchi going on

  4. Lol

    Ninis took off instead of a topon with GN y Army. Culiacan on lock my ass😂

    1. Surprise encounter, they both saw, startled, and ran away from each other, but soldiers are known for shootouts just to spend some ammo and propaganda, they even got war medals, FECAL and genarco garcia Luna got medals from Spain and Culombia, their financial crimes partners.

  5. The point is to give the boss opportunity to escape and survive the whole ordeal....seems like he did his job very well if you never been to Mexico or lived one of the types of situations how do u feel u have any place to say anything sinaloa n sonora on 🔐

  6. Animo Sicarios. El Commandante Nini has a 300 are of Special Forces Operators to protect the city of Culiacan.

    1. Special force sicarios! Only they didn’t kill anyone. What makes them so special, because actual trained special forces shoot with accuracy and don’t get their ride stuck on the median.

    2. Have you ever even been in a shootout? Especially a surprise attack. I highly doubt it. Even your hero us military navy seals aren't invincible... go watch some more movies.

    3. Tell me more about wannabe gangbangers who trained at a ranch for a week as “Special Force Nicarios”


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