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Friday, May 13, 2022

El Gary from Los Talibanes, Ally of Operativa MZ, Killed in Guadalupe, Zacatecas

"HEARST" and "Itzli" for Borderland Beat 

A cartel lieutenant named Gary ‘N’, alias “El Gary”, was killed by FGJ agents in the municipality of Guadalupe, in the state of Zacatecas. 

El Gary worked as a lieutenant and plaza boss under Martín Del Río, the leader of one of the two rival Los Talibanes groups. Their Talibanes group is allied to the Sinaloa Cartel subgroup Operativo MZ/Los Flechas, who work under Ismael Zambada García, alias “El Mayo” . 

The Shooting that Killed El Gary

On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, investigative agents working for the state Attorney General’s Office (FGE) were working within the town of Guadalupe when they spotted El Gary driving inside a BMW sedan, accompanied by a female passenger. The agents tried to pull him over for a stop but El Gary refused to stop his vehicle. Instead he sped up and the agents gave chase in their own vehicle.

According to NTR Zacatecas, El Gary received multiple gunshot wounds “during an exchange of gunfire” while he was trying to drive away. These wounds caused El Gary to lose control of the car and he crashed into a parked silver vehicle in a small parking lot just off the road. The very first clip in the video below is alleged to show the immediate aftermath of the crash. 

Video Source: Azucena Uresti

El Gary died from his gunshot wounds and the woman who was with him, who was later revealed to be his mother, received a gunshot wound in the hip and hit her head in the crash was taken to receive medical care and she is expected to recover.

El Gary was initially misreported as being a member of the Northeast cartel (Cártel del Noreste, CDN) but later the state Attorney General’s Office confirmed he was a member of Los Talibanes. 

Overview of Los Talibanes History

Los Talibanes were created originally as a subgroup of Los Zetas during the era when they were an armed wing of the Gulf Cartel (Cártel del Golfo, CDG).  

Los Talibanes were founded by three brothers: Iván Velázquez Caballero, Juan Daniel Velázquez Caballero and Rolando Velázquez Caballero. The brothers were said to be friends of Miguel Angel Treviño, alias “Z40” and Alejandro Omar Treviño Morales, alias “Z42” since their early days back in Nuevo Laredo, when they all joined the newly formed Los Zetas. 

Out of all the brothers Iván Velázquez Caballero, alias “El Talibán”, was the undisputed leader of the subgroup and with him at the helm they grew to become a regional force with a presence in the states of Coahuila, San Luis Potosi, and Zacatecas. 

Things changed, however, when El Talibán had a falling out with Z40 over accusations that he had betrayed fellow members of Los Zetas. Los Talibanes then broke off from Los Zetas and aligned themselves with CDG. 

In September 2012, El Talibán was arrested by DEA agents while he was picking up a drug shipment that Los Zetas had sent him to go retrieve in what is alleged to have been a set up. 

As El Talibán fought US extradition from inside a Mexican prison, his brother Juan Daniel Velázquez Caballero, alias “El Talibancillo” took over leadership of the group. In 2013, El Talibán’s battle against extradition was lost and he was sent to the US where he received a 77 year prison sentence. El Talibancillo’s reign was not long and in 2015, El Talibancillo was arrested along with two of his nephews, who were the sons of El Taliban.

With two of the founders now arrested, the next leader to emerge for Los Talibanes was Juan Uriel Castro Rangel, aliases “El Cachetes”, "El T-01", and "El Ruso”. El Cachetes put Emanuel Gonzalez Flores, alias “El Chorizo” in charge of finances for the group and picked “El Malo” and “El Draco” to act as lieutenants. 

And for the head of sicarios, Cachetes selected José Sabas Ávalos Sánchez, alias “El Güero Saba”. It is worth noting that El Güero Saba was a former  Beltrán Leyva Organization (BLO) member and he acted as a link between Los Talibanes and the BLO subgroup Los Mazatlecos. 

Eventually the Talibanes and CDG alliance fell apart. El Cachetes was captured and decapitated by hitmen from the CDG. 

In the wake of his beheading, the remaining Los Talibanes split into two groups. On one side was El Chorizo, who was supported by El Draco and the men who were loyal to them; on the other side was El Malo, El Güero Saba, El Ferrari and Martin Del Rio, along with the men who were loyal to those leaders. 

During this period, it was said that El Chorizo and El Draco had the municipalities of Loreto, Villa González, Villa Hidalgo, Pánfilo Natera, Villa Garcia and Pinos under their control. The two sides of Los Talibanes fought against each other for years and leadership figures fell on both sides. 

This divide in Los Talibanes continues up until today, with two distinct groups both calling themselves Los Talibanes and yet being at war with each other. El Chorizo still leads his group whereas the other side is now led by Martin Del Rio, after figures like El Güero Saba were arrested and others fell to the wayside.

A man alleged to be Martín del Río was arrested in November 2020 but either the man was misidentified or quietly released because Martín del Río is believed to be currently free and active in leading the group. 

At the time of his alleged arrest it was said that Martín del Río’s Los Talibanes group controlled the municipalities of Pánfilo Natera, Ojocaliente, Luis Moya, Villa González Ortega, in Zacatecas, marked on the map below. 

It is currently being reported on social media that El Chorizo needed aid in his war against Martín del Río so he created an alliance with a leader of a different Los Talibanes group, which operates mainly in the state of San Luis Potosí which is led by a son of the original leader El Talibán, named Raúl Velázquez Caballero, alias “El Talibáncito”.Confusingly, most social media users seem to refer to El Talibáncito as El Talibancillo, the same alias that his uncle used. 

Martín del Río’s Los Talibanes group chose to align themselves with Sinaloa Cartel and their subgroup Operativo MZ / Los Flechas, so they now primarily fight the CJNG however they also fight with the other Los Talibanes group which is leb by El Chorizo and El Talibáncito.

El Gary’s Criminal History

El Gary began his criminal career by working in law enforcement, in what is not an unusual start for many cartel members. In 2009, when he was 24 years old, El Gary became an investigative agent for the FGE, working in the same job as the men who would later kill him, strangely. 

In 2015, El Gary deserted his position at the FGE because he did not pass his control and confidence exams, which are a series of anti-corruption tests which seek to identify members of law enforcement who are either working for or susceptible to the bribes of organized crime. 

No longer working for the FGE, the now-30-year old El Gary joined Talibanes full time and within a few years he was identified as the leader of the Talibanes cell operating in the city of Valparaiso. Photos and a video compilation of social media posts alleged to be associated with El Gary have been circulating online since his death. 

In March 2019, a narco banner decrying Martín del Río showed photos of Martin and all the men who allegedly reported under him, including El Gary. 

In April 2019, El Gary reportedly sent a hitman to kill his 22 year old ex-girlfriend Nayeli Noemí at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas, where she was a law student. El Gary had previously gotten into a conflict with her that escalated to the point where it was brought to court. Then El Gary threatened Nayeli and the judge before fleeing the area. Because El Gary’s threats presented such a real danger the state government assigned two bodyguards to protect Nayeli. 

At some point later, El Gary sent one of his hitmen to kill her on his behalf. While one of the bodyguards was parking the car, the hitmen shot at Nayeli and the bodyguard, successfully killing Nayeli. The hitman was later arrested and sentenced to serve 35 years for the homicide but El Gary remained free.

Sources: NTR Zacatecas, El Sol de Zacatecas, El Universal, Contravia, La Jornada, Zocalo, El Blog de los Guachos


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