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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

DEA Zeroes In On China As Fentanyl Deaths Soar

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The leading cause of death for Americans between 18 and 45 isn't COVID-19 or car accidents — it's fentanyl overdoses. With a majority of the chemicals in fentanyl produced in China, the Drug Enforcement Administration is now calling on the Chinese government to crack down on the supply chain networks producing the illegal drug. 

"We would like China to do more," DEA administrator Anne Milgram told CBS News. "For example, we need to be able to track every shipment of chemicals that's coming out of those Chinese chemical companies and coming to Mexico. Right now, we can't do that." 

To stop fentanyl from getting into counterfeit drugs, the DEA is focusing on what's called precursor chemicals — the ingredients needed to make fentanyl. Milgram said the materials are made in China then shipped to Mexican cartels before arriving at the U.S. border. 

The DEA has seized 2,100 pounds of precursor chemicals from January 2021 to March 2022, Milgram said. It's enough to make one billion potentially lethal doses, but Milgram knows her agency is not getting all of it. 

"This is what we worry about," she said. "That's part of why we are so focused right now on stopping the chemicals coming out of the Chinese chemical companies. If we can go as far upstream as possible to China, we have a much better chance of stopping it ever being made in Mexico." 

Milgram said Chinese chemical companies are currently the largest producer of precursor chemicals used to make fentanyl. 

"There's a relationship between these Chinese chemical companies and the criminal cartels in Mexico," she said. 

Milgram said that once the drugs make it to the border, "it is too late." 

"I can say with 100% assurance that the criminal drug cartels in Mexico will stop at nothing to get fentanyl into the United States," she said. 

Fentanyl's threat to teens is also a concern because of how easily fentanyl-laced drugs can be bought online, Milgram said. Three quarters of teen overdose deaths in 2021 involved fentanyl, according to a study published in JAMA in April. 

"We know that these fake counterfeit prescription pills are widely available on social media," Milgram said. "If your child is on TikTok or Snapchat or Instagram or Facebook, drug dealers can access them there. And that —  it's almost like Uber Eats, being able right now in America to get a fake pill delivered to your doorstep." 

"There's no question that within one or two clicks on a social media app, teens are ordering these drugs," she said. "By and large, they're not going out looking for fentanyl. They're looking for a Xanax or an Adderall or an Oxy thinking they're gonna get a prescription pill. They're not thinking at all that they're gonna get a pill that contains fentanyl."  

Four of 10 pills seized last year contained a deadly dose — 2 milligrams or more — of fentanyl, she said. 

"The amount that could be on the tip of a pencil is enough to kill someone," Milgram said. 

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  1. I wonder if China would allow DEA agents to conduct covert operations with the Chinese military and not let the Chinese federal government know or take part all while on chinese soil.

    1. They are comunist country, never Mijo never!

    2. 10:29 what did you smoke?
      I hope you get help soon...
      The US better monitor the transnationals that invested their drug trafficking profits on leveraged buy-outs of US Corporations and sent production to MAO'S CHINA (and other countries) to use their captive communist slave labor force for 40 usd cents a week wages and a bag of cucarrachas to eat, part of their wages is drug trafficking on the US and evil corporations make the dragon's share of drug trafficking profits.

  2. I work with homeless people. Three years ago the blue fentanyl pills were $20... $15 if you knew someone. Last year around this time they were $10....$5 if you knew someone.

    Now they are $5...$3 if you know someone. And they are super addictive. They say they don't like the high because it's short lasting and makes them fall asleep.

    1. Some people who work with the homeless never want their work to end, they also make sure replacements are on their way.
      Imagine if the french revolutionaries had been taking beggars and palace help to the guillotine instead of the royalty?
      No doubt we would still have the french monarchs demanding payment from the US for loans they made to the US to finance the war against UK for independencet

  3. "By and large, they're not going out looking for fentanyl. They're looking for a Xanax or an Adderall or an Oxy thinking they're gonna get a prescription pill. They're not thinking at all that they're gonna get a pill that contains fentanyl."

    And for whatever reason, so many moronic adults still maintain the ridiculous notion that "these people are taking this stuff willingly". The sheer level of intellectual dishonesty and mental gymnastics needed for some of these sentiments is nothing short of amazing. It's actually almost impressive.. Ignoramuses never seem to run out of battery.

  4. Suspend commerce with China and shit will happen, simply holding their containers at sea for one week would bring a more serious effort from the chinks, also increasing penalties for drug pushers, but nothing like government taking over the whole thing to bring strict controls and accounting to drug trafficking, prostitution, abortion and the practice of Trumpanzism

    1. SIR you need sleep not healthy to be online 24 hours, get some sleep.

    2. 603 is Poncho the crybaby who says he is being cyber bullied when I mention he is not even mexican or doesn'tspeak spanish.

    3. 6:03 thanks for the advise, mommy...
      But geniuses like me, me, me! always do whatever the fack we wanna do.

  5. I Think China let's da companys sell to us U.S.A to try to destabilize our country with addicts running all over da place acting crazy , I'm sure they Laugh at us, plus China probably get some money from da chemical producers for their Communist party...

    1. Hi lilltle nuts truther
      Low IQ brother

    2. 2:42, how is that nuts? Read their government released agenda on destabilizing the west, it's called "soft war"

  6. Pinches gabachos, les encanta la mierda, that's the trade, they give death to the rest of the world, now the world is paying back.. enjoy.


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