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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Colombia's Clan del Golfo Leader Dario Usaga "Otoniel" Extradited to the US

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

Despite efforts of collaborating on a long list of officials involved with paramilitaries, Otoniel was extradited to face charges in the US today.

This Wednesday, May 4, the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, confirmed the extradition to the United States of Dario Antonio Úsuga, alias Otoniel, top leader of the Clan del Golfo, after the Council of State lifted the precautionary measure that stopped his surrender.

Colombian authorities on October 23, 2021, arrested Dario Antonio Usuga aka "Otoniel” as reported by Borderland Beat. The biggest drug lord of cocaine from the Gulf Clan. He was hiding in the jungle border with Panama. 500 soldiers in 22 helicopters took part in his arrest.

The president announced that the former head of what is considered the largest criminal gang of paramilitary origin in Colombia was "only comparable to Pablo Escobar and he is not only the most dangerous drug trafficker in the world but also a murderer of social leaders, an abuser of boys, girls, and adolescents, murderer of police officers”.

He also argued that the drug trafficker has a duty to continue collaborating with the Colombian authorities and telling the truth. "I also want to make it absolutely clear that this criminal must continue to collaborate with the Colombian authorities that require it in the investigations and investigations of him," said Duque. Although many victims of the armed conflict believe it will not happen, because it is more complicated for Otoniel to speak and tell uncomfortable truths from another country.

The truth is that Otoniel's extradition took place in an unusual scenario. Law 27 of 1980 establishes that detainees must be notified 10 days in advance to carry out the transfer to the United States; however, “and considering the urgency with which they have handled the shipment of Úsuga to the US, it is likely that they will not even give us that time,” one of Úsuga David's lawyers previously commented.

Otoniel had hoped his collaboration on revealing officials that had aided paramilitaries would halt his extradition order but it has not. Before his extradition, Otoniel provided valuable information at one of the JEP hearings. The head of the Clan del Golfo released a list of names including several politicians, former regional leaders, and officials allegedly related to paramilitarism. Initially, it was known that among those mentioned was the presidential candidate Luis Pérez Gutiérrez, but on May 1, what would be the complete list was known.

Thursday he appeared before a court judge in Brooklyn, New York. The leader of the Clan del Golfo pleaded not guilty to the charges he faces for crimes associated with drug trafficking and his lawyer requested a jury trial. It is likely that the Clan del Golfo leader will be held in the Brooklyn MDC known for housing terrorists and mob leaders as well as Daniel Rendón Herrera, alias Don Mario, one of the founders of the Clan del Golfo, from whom Otoniel must have received several orders. The two leaders are implicated in massacres and in the export of drugs to the United States and other countries in Asia and Europe.

Defense Minister Diego Molano, who today faced a motion of censure over the controversial operation in Putumayo in which civilians were killed, said that the "legitimate operations" of the Armed Forces and the National Police were triumphing against crime, noting that "Otoniel's extradition is a triumph of justice over impunity."

In turn, the elected senator of the Democratic Center, María Fernanda Cabal, indicated that the maximum leader of the structure known as the Gaitanist Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC) will not receive impunity in the country and will have to answer before the justice system of the United States, asserting “my condolences to the progressives who dreamed of seeing him outwit his victims as Santrich did. It is a great day for Colombia.

For his part, the congressman of the Historical Pact Inti Asprilla referred to the interview that the journalists would have carried out with the former head of the Clan del Golfo, asserting that, “be careful, people go and find out that Uribismo and its government have a relationship with drug traffickers and paramilitaries”, an idea that the senator of Alianza Verde, Katherine Miranda, replied, who pointed out that the “fear of the Government of Iván Duque of the interview that Otoniel was going to have with Noticias Caracol was noticeable. What is the fear? Who do they want to cover up?

“Iván Duque's misrule acts with a firm hand for his convenience. Today alias Otoniel was extradited 'via express' and sank the motion of censure against the unpresentable defense minister @diegomolanovega. Efficient when it comes to defending his interests, ”said the former governor of Nariño and former presidential candidate for the Historical Pact, Camilo Romero.

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  1. Otro que se saca la loteria,
    por andar ahi de caliente.

  2. I have flown Con Air. A rather pleasant trip considering the circumstances. New Orleans to Miami to Atlanta to Reno. 737 airc. I spent most of the flight transfixed on the giant boobs of the US Marshal ( regrettably, her teeth looked kinda mossy, tho.).
    Then on the prison bus to Texas. Deemed nonviolent, I wasn't handcuffed and asked to serve lunch to the other inmates, a motley crew of Dominicans, Mexicans, Cubans, whites, blacks. The guards had the cutest stubby shotguns imaginable. I was in Club Fed for six months and I was done with lawbreaking. Effectively deterred.

  3. It's will never happen to him if he was a Russian citizen

    1. "El Uribismo del gobierno de Ivan Duqie..." INTI ASPRILLA hitting the nail on its head,
      "What is the fear?
      What are they trying to cover up?"

  4. His name is not Dairo, it's Dario

    1. You have a good point, what is interesting is literally every news outlet from CNN, to BBC and most Colombian news outlets and authors list his name as Dairo...the US State Dept. lists it as Dario so going off of that and changed it.


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