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Friday, May 27, 2022

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas: Death Of 3 Incarcerated Narco Bosses Leads To Murder Of Prison Guard

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The murder of a Mexican border state prison guard by alleged Gulf Cartel gunmen in her home seems to be a revenge for three homicides that took place within a detention center. Before the murder, the police arrested four other prison guards in relation to the murders.

The murder of the guard occurred on Sunday in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. Two armed men broke into the house of Magdalena Balboa, 50, and shot her several times in front of her family.

Days before the murder, the Gulf Cartel sent messages on social networks warning about revenge for the recent murders of three senior commanders within the state prison of Ciudad Victoria.

The Tamaulipas authorities had announced that the death of the former head of the Gulf Cartel in Matamoros, Óscar Antonio “La Droga” López Sandoval, regional chief of the Gulf Cartel in Jiménez, and the prison chief José Luis “Pepillo” Sánchez Guevara, and ex State Policeman, became a member of the Evaristo Eduardo Núñez Caballero cartel. Their deaths were attributed to an overdose, as initially reported, there had been no plot to kill them.

Subsequently, the Tamaulipas government announced the arrest of four prison guards for complicit murder and abuse of authority. Police sources revealed that the four guards supposedly gave access to a group of inmates to the three bosses, who later suffocated them to death.

The four guards and others supposedly helped cover up the case.

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  1. The cartel sure loves to kill and dismember innocent people, but when thier bosses get killed in prison, they cry, that the local government arrest the prison guards. Government kisses ass to the criminals.

  2. I think EVERY "boss" or ranking cartel member should ALL be dropped in general population. Without their weapons and protection by their flunkies they fold up like a cheap deck of cards.I think a fitting punishment for most of these animals is summary execution but this is the next best thing.

  3. Guards paying with their lives for their crimes against their prisoners is something we should see more often,

  4. Strange the guards would be arrested! One faction of guards must support one cartel and another faction their rivals! Similar to the Fed police shooting each other at Mexico city airport!


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