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Sunday, May 15, 2022

1.8 Tons of Cocaine Belonging to Clan del Golfo Seized by Colombian Navy

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It is estimated that the Clan del Golfo cartel has lost over $2 billion due to drug seizures so far in 2022, as well as the recent extradition of its leader "Otoniel".

In the last few hours, the Colombian Navy confirmed that 1,884 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride were seized in two operations carried out in Cartagena, Bolívar against organizations dedicated to drug trafficking. According to the authorities, this shipment was valued at more than 113 million dollars.

In the first operation of the day, it was possible to intercept "a suspicious vessel" that would have departed from the Colombian coast transporting the narcotics. The Navy deployed the Rapid Reaction Unit of the Cartagena Coast Guard Station in the area. At the time of the operation, the subjects who were piloting it fled in a boat, leaving it adrift in the Tierra Bomba sector, in the capital of Bolívar.

The boat was towed by the authorities to the Cartagena Coast Guard Station, where the inspection process was carried out. In total, 18 tulas were found, which contained 567 rectangular packages. When subjected to the "Approved Preliminary Identification Tests (PIPH)", the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Prosecutor's Office verified that it was 567 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride.

The second operation took place 35 nautical miles from the sea buoy in Cartagena and was carried out in coordination with the Colombian Air Force and the National Police. A container was detected onboard a ship traveling to the Dominican Republic and allegedly transporting drugs in that sector. The Cartagena Coast Guard and the Anti-Narcotics Police inspected the shipment, "finding inside 46 sacks with 1,317 rectangular packages apparently containing narcotic substances."

Preliminary investigations indicated that the shipment would be destined for Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. The shipment was transported to the Cartagena Coast Guard Station, and after the tests, a total of 1,317 kilograms of cocaine were weighed. Although no arrests were made in the operations, the seized material was made available to the competent authorities.

It is estimated that with these two operations, which exceed 1.8 tons of drugs, more than 4.7 million doses stopped circulating on the illegal international market. So far this year, the Caribbean Naval Force has confiscated more than 59 tons of cocaine hydrochloride in this region of the country, which is reflected in losses of more than 2,000 million dollars for the financial muscle of the Gulf clan.

"The Colombian Navy ratifies its commitment to the development of offensive operations against the scourge of drug trafficking and its related crimes, counteracting the actions of the Organized Armed Groups that seek to end the stability and tranquility of the inhabitants of the Colombian Caribbean," he concluded. the institution in an official statement.

Source Infobae


  1. LUCKY GOLFAS had not paid and will not pay, the colombians lost the load at home, not to worry, it will be auctioned again....

  2. Colombians are all about the business

    1. The Yakuza is number one in the world.

    2. 7:56 Sarcasm? Because they're supposedly on their last leg. Russian mafia, Albanians and Mexicans are the bigger deals right now.

    3. 11:11 keep present that yakuzos, mesikins, culombianuses, russians etc etc etc did not rip off these drug traffickers, the culombian navy now owned by Ivan Duke a puppet presidente of Alvaro uribe velez just keeps robbing their own associates.


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