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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Zaragoza, San Luis Potosí: National Guardsmen Attacked By Unknown Armed Gunmen

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Elements of the National Guard were ambushed by armed men while carrying out surveillance tours on the San Luis Potosí - Querétaro highway. The armed attack occurred around 5:00 am on Highway 57, right at the junction with Interstate Highway 22. Near the Cerro Gordo Santo Domingo thoroughfare, in the municipality of Zaragoza.

About 200 meters from the junction with Highway 37, in Leon, San Luis. The uniformed men were carrying out surveillance tasks. Earlier, hours before, a persecution against officials of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation had been reported. The gunmen fired point-blank at the elements who upon seeing themselves outnumbered in weapons and the number of gunmen, asked for reinforcements.

An element of the National Guard died during the events. While another was left injured. One of the units he was driving in had at least 23 gunshot impacts. A dozen vehicles from state and federal forces, as well as from the Prosecutor's Office, descended into the area. They deployed a security operation. Currently no one has been detained for this crime. 

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  1. the GN was out patrolling and happened to enter an area where a top cartel commander/Boss for SLP CSLPNG/CJNG was hiding out close to the cerro. As a response the GN was ambushed by the commanders outer Ring of Protection

  2. AND then again, maybe then dead GN element knew too much...
    How can the melitary be outsmarted, ambushed and outnumbered by a bunch of illiterate chiveros cochachivas?

    1. Mr. Siresame

      Our 3 year old boy, at night he would her voices, telling him if he wanted ice cream, we ended up turning off our Ring camera at night, as we think someone hacked into it and is bothering our son, who offers my son ice cream at night.

    2. It's happened before. There a difference between an ambush and just running into each other in the street. An ambush the DiCaprio's are going to try and maximize every advantage they can think of and if possible try to mark a point where they are the most isolated (the farthest away from assistance/reinforcements possible), they'll chose the world terrain that'll give them the best advantage possible and try to be as efficient in damage and time. The shorter their time executing the operation, the better their chances of escaping. Even with all that in their favor something might go wrong.

    3. 6:28 the first time may be an accident, the second time could be a coincidence, by the third time it is a pattern that somebody gots the hots for you, according to wise ass marines.

    4. 1:49 stop molesting your 3 year old boy in the middle of the night...


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