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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Two More Men Are Murdered In Colima; There Are Already 20 Murders So Far In April

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

Two dead people are registered in Colima, within the wave of violence and insecurity that has plagued the state since last February 7, generated by two organized crime groups. With these two murders, there are already 20 in total in the first five days of April. So far this Tuesday, April 5, a total of five murders have already been registered. 

In the capital of Colima, a lifeless man was found inside a vehicle, which was in a house on General Núñez street in the heart of the downtown area. According to reports, individuals would have left the truck inside which the murder victim was found.

Another murder occurred in the Rivera del Jazmín neighborhood, in the capital of Colima. The man was left dead at the entrance of a home, after he was shot at by unknown subjects. The incident occurred outside a home on República de Nicaragua street, in the Rivera del Jazmín neighborhood.


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  1. Pinche estado de colima lo que tiene de chiquito lo tiene de pendejo,


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