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Sunday, April 17, 2022

They Kill Nine People In Seven Hours In The Guadalajara Metropolitan Area

 "Ivan" for Borderland Beat 

The events were recorded in the Metropolitan Area

Elizabeth Ibal | El Occidental 

A day of violence was recorded between Friday night and Saturday morning, registering nine murders in just a few hours, in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.

The first two bodies were found wrapped in blankets at 8:44 p.m. on Friday, on the public highway towards the road to Saucillo, as a reference near a farm known as El Seminario, in the El Saucillo ranch, in the municipality of Juanacatlán . Due to the way they were wrapped, it was not possible to know their gender or the cause of their death.

Around 8:54 p.m. this Friday, mother and daughter were shot at on Primavera street between Limón and Guamúchil, in the Del Fresno neighborhood, in Guadalajara.The 54-year-old mother died at the scene, while her 33-year-old daughter passed away while receiving medical attention.

In another fact, two men were killed, apparently both were brothers. The attack happened in two different places. One of them was located at 11:41 p.m. on the same day, on Jorge Cázares, in the Lomas de Tlaquepaque neighborhood. He had gunshot wounds to the skull. Paramedics confirmed his death. A few blocks away, on República de Panamá street at the intersection with Asunción street, another man was attacked, leaving him dead.

On the other hand, in the municipality of El Salto, at 03:30 a.m. there was a triple homicide on Matamoros street at the intersection with Hidalgo, in the El Verde neighborhood.

Prosecutor's staff moved to the site and located three lifeless men inside the building, with injuries from a firearm projectile. Two of them were allegedly father and son; the first, 44 years old, was shot in the chest and the other, 17, shot in the head.

The third, aged 20, had an impact on the chest. In this same event, two minors under 17 years of age were also injured: one had a bullet and the other three; They were transferred to a hospital for medical attention.

El Occidental 


  1. Enrique alfaro the goberladron of Jalisco State says he always faces his accusers but looks as his ass has too cheeky cheeks and nothing else...
    People getting shot and murdered without any cops ever showing up immediately, no checkpoints anywhere ever, the state police and municipales watching soap operas back in the police station

  2. Gaudapalenque es el estow mas hente, y hoy Easter nace tu vete, toda la sombre esta al pendiente, no te pongas como si tris cuete.

  3. MEXICO where thier are multiple murders everyday.

    1. 9:02 don't forget to mention the mass murders and attacks on the US, thanks to the prostituting of the 2nd Ammendment, the NRA and corrupt extrwme right politicians in their pockets, lately puppeteered by none other than Bladdermir Putin...they have also armed the mexican cartels they used to do their drug trafficking since the 60s.

    2. Sir MEXICO tops homicides in the world.
      But at the moment Russia is angry like a bee, because thier mother ship was sank by the Ukrainians, 400 sailors died.
      What I am trying to say, Russia wants to break homicides of killing more Ukrainians.
      But in the end Mexico will be the highest.

    3. 8:18 before the US campaign war they called "war on drugs" there was no hate like there is today, murders were very rare, them FECAL unleashed the ejercito on defenseless mexicans and EPN helped consolidate the hate, that is the inheritance left by the narco-priista governments followed by PAN ALLIED WITH neo-carrancistas neo-liberales


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