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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Tepalcatepec, Michoacán: SEDENA Apprehends 'El Johnny'; He Trafficked Drugs From South America

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In a statement, they reported that as a result of the planning, investigation, and intelligence work, the mobility area and places frequented by "El Johnny" were surrounded.

The Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), National Guard (GN) and Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) announced the arrest of Juan Miguel "N" aka "El Johnny", alleged member of a criminal group which operates in Michoacán and maintains a presence in the states of Morelos, Guerrero, Puebla and the State of Mexico.

A heliborne reaction force was organized using a COUGAR EC-525 helicopter belonging to the Mexican Air Force and a ground force consisting of Mexican Army elements to carry out joint operations with the participating civil authorities.

The mobilization of aerial and ground reconnaissance generated operations of deception and confusion for members of organized crime. Which in turn allowed the location of the armored vehicle in which Juan Miguel "N" (a) "El Johnny" was transported. Subsequently authorities were able to achieve the recognition and arrest on the public thoroughfare of Tepalcatepec. The foregoing was carried out in strict adherence to the rule of law, with full respect for human rights and without the need to fire a single shot.

Juan Miguel "N" (a) "El Johnny", is the main operator in the transfer of drugs from South America, considered an important member of organized crime. As well as a priority target for money laundering, criminal association and crimes against health in the United States. For this reason he had a provisional arrest warrant for extradition purposes to the US.

The arrest of Juan Miguel "N" (a) "El Johnny", represents a heavy blow to organized crime. Actions that endorse the loyal and institutional commitment of the Mexican Army and Air Force, National Guard and Attorney General of the Republic , to watch over and safeguard the well-being of citizens, contributing with the Government of Mexico to guarantee the peace and security of Mexicans.

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  1. Missed his payment to the NAVY
    That's goingbto happen to MAYO if he slips up on the payment$$ 💰

    1. Apparently every cartel has been missing payments lately cause AMLO is going after everyone.

    2. Mayo's people are good
      Chapitos are losing plazas and getting killed off everywhere

    3. You really comparing this guy to Mayo lol

    4. Chapitos are actually doing good what are you talking about

    5. 2:55 It doesn't seem to be the case in SLRC and in TJ. Or Mexicali. Don't know how they're doing in other places but in those they're getting hit.

    6. sinaloa
      Mayo ain't sh!t outside of sinaloa.
      Only sinaloas are on his nuts, outside of sinaloa he ain't SH!t.

      Yes, I'm comparing this guy to your idol.
      He's a piece of sh!t just like him but mayo is a bigger piece of shit..
      He's a 🐀 snitch informant working with the gringos while at the same time FU@K!nG 🇲🇽 over.
      He pays the government to be free and the moment he misses a payment he's going to be Fu@k£D!!

    7. You make no sense just talking out of emotion lol

      Why do you feel so inferior to Sinaloa

      I guess He hasn't missed a payment in decades

    8. 7:47 "emotion" is NOT The Name of the jundillo, source of news for many aspirino-journalistas.

    9. 2:55 just licking CDS nuts it straight denial

    10. 7:32 Mayo's is number one.
      You dork.

    11. 12:39 he is not going after everyone, your in a world that you want it to be, but keep dreaming cayote.

    12. 734 thanks again for your useless input Puncho. LOL

    13. Why would I feel inferior to a drug dealing state in 🇲🇽? 😆

      You make no sense talking out your nachas..

      Is your idol not a CERTIFIED snitch?
      MAYO'S snitch son admitted to being an informant in exchange to deal drugs freely but still got Fu@k£D 🤣

      Why do you idolize the same people that turned your state to SH!T?

      Your the typical sinaloa groupie that's proud of their state because of their narco-cultura bullsh!t..
      grow up kid and stop defending this garbage..

    14. You are a coward that won't even say what style you're from

    15. So brave Mr Unknown keyboard toughgirl! There no way that you would ever put your name behind those cowardly words that you typed. P-$sies like you are so pathetic. You're probably a 45 year old living in your parents basement that jer$% off to kiddie po$n.

    16. So now I'm a coward for speaking on FACTS hahaha

      My style? Speaking the REAL

      Hey sunshine. Mind your own business and stay in your lane. You have no business in this conversation that your clueless off. Only girl here is you 😆
      White girl from Washington on a 🇲🇽 topic? GTFO
      NAYO and his sons are certified 🐀 🐀 🐀 and that's a FACT..
      He said it himself he wanted to go to trial based on the FACT he was given the green light to sell drugs IN EXCHANGE FOR OTHER DRUG DEALERS INFORMATION..

      Get mad all you want you groupies hahaha hahaha 🤣

    17. 8:59 se pone panties en el twat

    18. 9:34 ok child...
      Don't get mad because I talk bad about your coward A$$ heroes 🤣
      Vato pendejo

    19. 12:19 keep your lips closed "TWAT", and close the otter lips tighter.

  2. Replies
    1. 6:14 cállese güey,
      O lo mando con La Mujer de los Perros en Chile...

  3. They are all incompetent psychopaths. Incompetent because they all end up dead or in prison for life and most of them sell out their friends the second they are caught. Human garbage

  4. with their level of competency in their chosen career. Where they end up dead,tortured to death or in prison. Its definitely time for them to evaluate their life choices and make a career change. Any career where they dont end up dead or in prison the rest of their lives. Some shiny toys arent worth that!! But they are probably too drug addicted and stupid to do anything else. These are the kids who never turned up for school and were bottom of the class every year. And now they terrorize an entire country. It just doesn't get more F***ed UP

    1. So if someone offers you a job where you are basically their slave on 24/365 duty and must do anything they say now matter how sickening or disgusting and violent or they will kill you and within 5 to 10 years you will be dead shot, tortured to death or in jail the rest of your life. And in return you get some cheap drugs, cheap local hookers and a car and spending money. You think thats a good career choice? If you think thats a good deal then you are seriously stupid

    2. Hey, London England, before running your mouth how you are, you should educate yourself. You see the cover of the book and you act like you read it. How is one supposed to get a job if their are none??? And as them not attending school comment just goes to reinforce my point of how ignorant you are when it comes to this topic. Your heart might be in the right place but you're too judgemental and speak on misguided assumptions. The school system in Mexico was set up for the poor not to prevail. You had to pretty much pay tuition in a sense for your kid to go to school, buy your kids school books, etc. When you're poor and struggling to survive it's an extra burden, especially if you have 3, 4 or 5 kids. And if you're lucky enough to get a job, the wages are miserable. Countries such as yours, the united states, increasingly more often canada and others go around leaching off other countries at the expense of the poor, because at the end of the day they're the ones that pay the most for the burden, and the price isn't just financial. Add to the mix a corrupt political system that has been rotting for a few generations where they too get personal gain at the expense of the poor and that this rotting has spread to other systems (schools, police, etc.) and which the poor also bear the brunt of and viola!!! You get the current situation. So if you're struggling, you see your family always hungry, always suffering, seeing unjustly actions from those that supposed to look out for you (politicians, police, etc.) and can't find a job or have a job that has you teetering on making ends meet, you try to look for something to help lift yourself out of that, something to take that weight off your chest and lift that cloud from over your families head. You look for options and the most readily available option always dangling in front of you is the cartel. One day out of despair you join, and the money you get makes that worthless feeling you've had for a while, for not being able to take care of your family and provide for them the way you feel you should, goes away. Especially when you see that their stomaches are full, have vanquished that despair and worry in their eyes at least for a few days and have a little extra money. It goes from joining from despair to never wanting to ever see your family struggle again. You finally feel the power of being able to do something and swear never to return them to that , knowing very well that it might cost you your life and at the very minimum your freedom. And while on this path, alot get lost to the twisted, demented ways of what now is the drug war in Mexico. Yeah, their are some that join for other reasons, but most because that's the only way they feel they can make it. They just don't realize the actual cost. You have to remember, alot of the news outlets are either corrupt or intimidated and don't do to much narco related news, if any at all, so the true reality of what they're signing up for probably hasn't hit home yet and they're somewhat gullible. But once they're in it it's kind of too late. Don't get me wrong, I'm not excusing their actions, I'm just letting you know that there's more to it and in hopes that if you feel you must attack,instead of attacking the people that were dealt the cards that they were dealt, attack the card dealer which is at the root of the problem, but I'd rather you come up with a solution instead. But that's just my humble opinion and preference. Have a good day.

  5. 4:06 ti acabatis las letras valiii!

  6. Mexico has been independent just as long as the USA. SO who is to blame for the situation in Mexico apart from the Mexican people. They elect the government and they surely know that these 'jobs' are a suicidal mistake. I realise how corrupt Mexico is but so do the Mexican people. Its the Mexican people who are destroying their country,. Obviously demand for drugs needs to tackled. I have written to several members of parliament asking for failing a drugs test to be criminalised with a month in rehab and then a test every month fora year and a second fail of a drug test resulting in prison time and for all government workers to be drug tested twice a year and it made available to private companies and for the police to be able to do random drug tests. I doubt anything will be done in England and it wont happen in the USA. But our success as a country is due to our people just as Greece is a failure due to the Greek people or China is how it is due to the Chinese. I doubt the Mexican people will rise up in protest and demand an end to corruption and a serious effort at wiping out the narcos. I am sure they will continue to vote for corrupt leaders. I doubt that any leaders are not corrupt. Perhaps the USA needs to send in the marines and forcibly remove anyone who cant justify his wealth but Mexico wont allow this. Ultimately its up to the Mexicans to stop this and that starts with the idiots who work for the narcos and their families. I dont know how much worse it will need to get for the Mexicans to do something to reclaim their country and rebuild it with an open free market corruption free country. Right now it looks hopeless. But we live in hope

    1. I am sure you have been to neither Greece, China, the U.S and much less Mexico.

    2. 2:47 after france financed the US revolutionary war for independence from England, UK and The US kissed and made out and stuck it to France's monarchs in the ass, their fall to the guillotine and end of their monarchy and Napoleon's empire begat the US colonialism independent of the british, but allied against everybody else.
      China went nowhere after Mao Tse Tung came back from the mountain like 'Moiseis' but armed with Little Red Books of Chairman's quotes the chinese studied until US businessmen contracted them to reinvest their ill gotten capital gains investments, specialized in money laundering for southamerican drug traffickers, like Bain Capital and co...
      "Poor México, so far from God and so close to the US" said general Porfirio Diaz, presidente de México for 30 years, until the US invented the mexican revolution and Pancho Villa to kick him out along with his british and European buddies, by the way, the british hold about 30 trillion dollars worth of mexican gold and refuse to give it back, but Hugo Chavez got Venezuela's gold back, it has prolly been stolen by the bolivarianuses...


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